Why hello there!

My name is Dan and I'm a 20 something guy who lives on the Canadian prairies. I'm a farm boy who somehow ended up in the big city. And though I'm a farm boy at heart I love all that the city has to offer. I'm a retail buyer by day and a interior design wanna-be by night.

Wanna know a bit more about me? Well, I'm flighty and very random. My weaknesses are chocolate and a good shiraz. I love reality TV and showing off my latest thrifting finds. I'm a Momma's boy (I adore her!). I'm not afraid to dive into a dumpster if I see something that I really want. I know how to drive a tractor, use the word 'slough' when describing a pond, like staying up all night reading and use the word 'like' a lot when having a conversation.

I buy flooring, extension cords and wheelbarrows for a living but dream of spending my days designing, building, creating, writing and sharing my love for good design. I don't know the word 'budget' have a weakness for bad pop music and make the best mojitios that you'll ever have. I loathe crowds of people, love a bargain and can't wait to share all of my ideas and adventures with you!

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Puerto Vallarta 2011



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