Sunday, 29 January 2012

Flea market fun.

What's a boy to do on a lazy weekend afternoon when he's got nothing going on? 

Sit around home in sweats while eating brownies and watching reruns of The Golden Girls

Okay, so maybe that's an option...but probably not the best one. I mean changes are that a) I'd end-up scarfing down the entire pan, b) after scarfing down the pan I would feel like the three evenings I spent at the gym last week were a complete waste and c) I've spent far too much time lately watching reruns of The Golden Girls...

So instead, I figured that I'd find something fun to do....something to keep me away from the pan of brownies, something that required me to put normal clothes on and also something that would distract me from the week that was...and from the week that will probably be - 

After considering my limited, last minute options, I settled on hitting up one of the nifty (and my favourite) indoor flea markets in the city. Heading out, I really didn't have intent to buy or search for anything...I think if anything the point of the adventures was to just wander, have some fun and see what treasures uncovered themselves.

While I didn't come home with anything, lots of randomness was uncovered, I saw some wicked pieces that gave me some ideas of what I'd like to collect / hunt for down the road and best of all - I was able to completely distract myself and forget about the world for a couple of hours.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the fun that I uncovered - 

How cool is this little guy? The vendor wasn't willing to haggle on the price though...however, if I wander through in a couple weeks and he's still there I might see if he wants to play ball...I wanna bring the 'Cool Master' home with me.
I haven't seen this many Nintendo & Super-Nintendo games since I was like 8 or 9...the scary thing is that I remembered a lot of the titles.
Remind me to dig through my storage room....I swear that there's a tote that's got a couple of cool bottles in it. This guy was waaaaaaaaaay overpriced on most of his stock, but had some cool pieces that I haven't seen in ages.
More tins than I could shake a stick at!
I almost brought home a couple more pieces of brown & white transfer ware, but realized that I already had pieces that I was looking at....that and I think that that collection is large enough (unless I find a really cool piece...)
Aren't these syrup dispensers cool? I wanted all of them...but resisted. That and I stayed away from the old spice tins...a guy can end-up with too many collections....
 "Let's dicker to sell quicker." Luvs it.
Odd looking Asian inspired ceramic pieces? I'm never sure how I'm supposed to feel when I see these pieces....anyone get what I mean? Yah?
The snowshoes on the left were in beautiful shape and would have looked amazing above my fireplace if I was going for a 'rustic lodge meets swinging young bachelor' look....but alas, they were $250.00....ouch.
I almost bought this snazzy book. Perfect gag gift or amusing dinner party conversation starter?! I think so!
Perhaps the next time I end-up in a somewhat serious situation I'll have to invest in this guide...I'm very curious to see what ideas and suggestions 60s conservatives have to say to me (not really)....that said, while the content might not be to my liking, I did like the drawings...
Isn't this guy the cutest?! The bowling pin that is, not Elvis or the creepy thing in the corner...
According to Wikipedia, Reveen was this weird Canadian sensation who traveled across the country working as a magician and hypnotist...magically transforming audiences....I say all of his transforming powers came from the stache, sexy head of hair and magical beard.
I want these old caulk boxes. I've been thinking about them non-stop since coming home. There had to have been 20 or 30 of them. No idea what I'd do with them, but I love them....the graphics are pretty cool, plus I'm sure that I could use them to store something.
So many small treasures!
Tea for two, or perhaps tea for 60? There has to be some sorta art project a guy could do here....something rather clever and not so 'grandma-ish...' looking...hmm...
So while I resisted the urge to come home with 60 tea cups and matching saucers, a plastic robot, the Reveen record and the good Christian husband's guide....I did come away with renewed love in wanting to hit-up this particular flea market more often...if anything just for a laugh and an adventure! That and it kept me from tearing into the pan of brownies (which I've since shoved in the freezer....).

From everything I've shown yah....which pieces stand out the most to you?!? I'm curious to know!


Sunday, 22 January 2012

2012, my year.

How excited am I for 2012? I think that this picture pretty much sums it up -
Okay, so while the facial expression might be a bit (a lot) goofy - I am looking forward to all of the different ideas / goals / plans / dreams / aspirations that I have for 2012. I've decided that this is going to be MY year.

And while I'm not going to spill everything that I'm thinking of for the coming year, I do wanna share some of my plans with you.

So here it goes - 

1) Different wheels - while the trusty Alero has treated me well over the past couple of years (with the exception of that new transmission, four tires and rewired security system), it's time to trade up! I'd love to find something bigger - something that that I could throw a random furniture find, a bike or a couple friends into.

2) Volunteer - I've spent the past couple of years being so wrapped up in everything that I juggle at work, etc, that I really don't have any volunteer experience under my belt. I haven't figured out exactly what I'd like to do yet - but after talking with a couple of buddies this past weekend I've got some ideas!

3) Attempt camping - I've only ever spent one night in a tent....which I really don't think counts as camping. I'd love to pick a weekend, find some friends, buy a tent, pack up the new wheel and get on the road in hunt of some adventure! That's not to say that I won't try to glamp it up a bit...none of this sleeping on a rock business. I'm talking blankets and soft air beds, stainless steel martini glasses and blue cheese burgers...

4) Explore - Whether it's in or out of the city I want to explore! I've lived in the Peg for over three years, but it really doesn't feel like I know the city! I want to find new restaurants, check out shows, investigate festivals, discover hiking / biking trails, et cetera, et cetera! Beyond the outskirts of the city, I'd love to do some travelling this summer - maybe a road-trip or two?

5) Pick-out a new bike - If I'm going to be discovering biking trails wouldn't it make sense to have a bike to ride on them? I love biking, but for random reasons haven't had one in the city. Whenever I'm at my rent's I'll dig out my old bike from when I was a kid and go on the most random of excursions - finding old bush trails, riding from the farm into town, riding down to the lake to dip my toes in the water - wherever, it really doesn't matter! The old wheels aren't exactly city worthy so I can't wait to see what I can find...(it's a no to tassels and a basket....but a perhaps a yes to a bell....ooooh!)

6) More BBQs - Right before Christmas I found a gigantic BBQ add to my collection of other BBQ guides. While I managed to use my grill a few times this past year, I want to take full adventure of using it this year - good food, fun drinks, great friends! Who could want more?

7) New digs - I'm not sure about this one, but there's a part of me that would like to explore the possibility of finding a different flat. Something closer to work, perhaps with a bit more character, high ceilings, a big balcony, a second bedroom wouldn't hurt...maybe within walking distance of some good eats & drinks (who wants to cab it across the city when you can just walk?), closer to friends....who knows! It's an idea....but a fun one!

There yah have it! I'm not going to share all my goals...a guy has to keep a couple of secrets!

While we all have that list of things that we want to achieve in the coming year...what's on the top of your list!


Monday, 16 January 2012

Life is a roller coaster...

...just gotta ride it.
Pinned Image
How many of us have read or heard that saying before? Probably almost all of us at one point or another. Whether I've seen it splattered across a website like Pinterest, as lyrics to a song, or in passing conversation - it's been one of those sayings that has just stuck with me.

It's also one of those lines that's never been more truthful to me than right now. The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster to say the least...there have been some ups, lots of downs, a few unexpected twists and turns, tears, maybe even a bit of shouting and at the end of everything, that strange feeling where you're relieved, a bit shaken and unsettled, but at the same time you're glad that you've experienced the ride. 

I'm not one to ramble on about my personal life here, but know that I'm still around, that I'm doing okay, that I'll be able to sleep tonight and that at some point I'll figure out how to get the paint out of my hair (another story...but hey, a guy has to distract himself somehow). 

That and no more roller coaster least not the ones where you feel like you're gonna lose your cotton candy afterwards.


Monday, 2 January 2012


January. Cold. Bleak. Blah.

Though it's only the 2nd, I know most of you are looking forward to the end of this month. After all of the hype surrounding Christmas and the New Year, I'm sure that I'm not the only one that's dreading falling back into the daily grind. 

And if you're me, January also means returning to the city and being away from family, cold weather (this is 'Winterpeg' after all), dark nights, and little motivation to spend time outdoors for fear of freezing my poor fingers or toes.

It's easy to get down during this time of year - which has lead me to do whatever it takes to stay upbeat and motivated until spring (or a vacation of some sort) appear.

I've decided to go into nesting mode -
Pinned Image
The best part of my own nesting mode? No baby necessary.

All I want to do right now is tackle some projects around my place to make it feel that much more cozy and comfortable - a haven of sorts from those cold nights when all I want to do is make a b-line straight to my car from my office...driving home as quickly as I can. And what better time to create that haven than the month where I'm most likely to be inside the most?

And the best part? I think I can do everything on a budget. Or rather, I think I can tackle everything for little coin....I loathe the word budget...

I haven't figured out exactly what I want to accomplish yet, but I've already started to put together a bit of a list -

(before any of this goes down, I make sure that my iPod is charged and loaded with new music...)

-Paint bedroom
-Come up with an inexpensive headboard solution (it's time for a 'grown-up' bedroom)
-Scour the thrift & junk shops for another nightstand that I can refinish to accompany the one that I picked up this past summer
-Artwork for above my couch...something fun and different than the collage of frames that I'd previously had on display
-Possibly (depending on extra coin) repaint my living & dining room (again)...I made the mistake of buying cheap paint when I did everything earlier this's impossible to clean and in some spots is already marked up & looking nasty...which is why I haven't 'reveiled' what I did.
-Sort through totes of old college textbooks, notes, paperwork
-Arrange new filing system for bank statements, important documentation
-Par down the contents of my linen / tool closet - give away unused and older pieces, sort through I really need what seems like 90 paintbrushes or varying quality and size?
-Sort all holiday decorations before packing back up. How many Christmas balls do I really need? Anything that's old or past it's prime will take a hike.
-Organize kitchen cabinets...come up with a storage solution for spices / baking supplies...besides just throwing everything in the cupboard.
-Hunt down some inexpensive flat sheets that I can sew into curtain panels.


And that's just what I came up with off the top of my head....I'm sure that with a few more minutes I could come up with a gazillion more ways to shake-up and improve my nest!

That should keep me going through January....and perhaps through February as well.

And of course I'm going to drag you along for the ride!

I honestly can't wait to get started! My place is like my haven from the busy world - why not make it that much more of a haven?

Where to begin?!

What solutions and ideas do you have to combat a case of the 'January's?'


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