Friday, 24 February 2012


We all have it. 

Regardless of how much we pretend to be organized and neat as can be, we all have that drawer, that closet, or that storage room filled with random odds and sods that for some reason or another we have difficulty letting go. Old t-shirts from college. Ratty paperbacks with embarrassing titles. Letters from old friends and lovers. Horrible party pictures that should never have been taken. Birthday cards from people you can barely remember. The remains of some sort of stupid crafting project gone wrong (anyone want a set of knitting needles tangled in a ball of yarn?). Or if you're me, it could be the red plastic fireman's hat...which I don't remember buying - yet it's lived in my closet for years.
And while I'm definitely one of those guys that likes to be surrounded by his stuff, there comes a point when that stuff becomes crap. Useless, stale, space and energy consuming crap. Those $250 college textbooks that seemed so important five years ago - not so much anymore. The shirts that I'll never get into again - or the ones that I'm hanging onto for stupid sentimental reasons...the movies and CD's that I haven't watched or listened to in years have slowly been taking over my place....all crap.

To say that these past two months has been a roller coaster of sorts is definitely an understatement. The end of a relationship. New adventures. New outlooks on where I'd like to see myself in a couple of years. A fresh perspective on what's really important vs. what's just consuming negative energy - and in this case space. I've really found myself really focusing in on 'me' lately to say the least...and by clearing random 'crap' per say, be it physical or otherwise, I've been able to better focus my energies into what drives me, motivates me and in the end, what makes me happy.

Slowly but surely I've spent the past couple of evenings weeding through my place...something that I like to do every couple of months. However, this time, I found myself being ruthless. If I hadn't worn it in the past six months, into the Goodwill bag it went. If it had been hidden under my bed for the past year, into the Goodwill bag it went. 

And you know what - 

It felt great lightening my load. Getting rid of some stuff. Some crap. Stuff that once meant so much that had served its purpose, or never found a purpose around my place.

I've still got a ways to go. There's a storage room waiting for me...but I think that I'm on the right track.

Two evenings, a gazillion songs, some random Dan dancing and prancing around later I've ended up with this - 
Four bags of stuff for Goodwill. Four bags of my useless, meaningless crap. Stuff that I'm not going to miss. And let's not forget about the two bags of random garbage...old papers, magazine clippings, ratty t-shirts and other crap not worthy of being donated.

I feel lighter. I feel satisfied. I can see open my closet again without having a mountain of jeans falling on me. It's all good....and it's just the beginning!

I might need to buy some more garbage bags!


PS. Anyone want a silver tea set? It seemed like a good idea at the time...that or who's up for coming over for tea...using my stupid tea set? I might even make some 'brony' inspired cookies to serve with the tea! :)

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