Sunday, 22 January 2012

2012, my year.

How excited am I for 2012? I think that this picture pretty much sums it up -
Okay, so while the facial expression might be a bit (a lot) goofy - I am looking forward to all of the different ideas / goals / plans / dreams / aspirations that I have for 2012. I've decided that this is going to be MY year.

And while I'm not going to spill everything that I'm thinking of for the coming year, I do wanna share some of my plans with you.

So here it goes - 

1) Different wheels - while the trusty Alero has treated me well over the past couple of years (with the exception of that new transmission, four tires and rewired security system), it's time to trade up! I'd love to find something bigger - something that that I could throw a random furniture find, a bike or a couple friends into.

2) Volunteer - I've spent the past couple of years being so wrapped up in everything that I juggle at work, etc, that I really don't have any volunteer experience under my belt. I haven't figured out exactly what I'd like to do yet - but after talking with a couple of buddies this past weekend I've got some ideas!

3) Attempt camping - I've only ever spent one night in a tent....which I really don't think counts as camping. I'd love to pick a weekend, find some friends, buy a tent, pack up the new wheel and get on the road in hunt of some adventure! That's not to say that I won't try to glamp it up a bit...none of this sleeping on a rock business. I'm talking blankets and soft air beds, stainless steel martini glasses and blue cheese burgers...

4) Explore - Whether it's in or out of the city I want to explore! I've lived in the Peg for over three years, but it really doesn't feel like I know the city! I want to find new restaurants, check out shows, investigate festivals, discover hiking / biking trails, et cetera, et cetera! Beyond the outskirts of the city, I'd love to do some travelling this summer - maybe a road-trip or two?

5) Pick-out a new bike - If I'm going to be discovering biking trails wouldn't it make sense to have a bike to ride on them? I love biking, but for random reasons haven't had one in the city. Whenever I'm at my rent's I'll dig out my old bike from when I was a kid and go on the most random of excursions - finding old bush trails, riding from the farm into town, riding down to the lake to dip my toes in the water - wherever, it really doesn't matter! The old wheels aren't exactly city worthy so I can't wait to see what I can find...(it's a no to tassels and a basket....but a perhaps a yes to a bell....ooooh!)

6) More BBQs - Right before Christmas I found a gigantic BBQ add to my collection of other BBQ guides. While I managed to use my grill a few times this past year, I want to take full adventure of using it this year - good food, fun drinks, great friends! Who could want more?

7) New digs - I'm not sure about this one, but there's a part of me that would like to explore the possibility of finding a different flat. Something closer to work, perhaps with a bit more character, high ceilings, a big balcony, a second bedroom wouldn't hurt...maybe within walking distance of some good eats & drinks (who wants to cab it across the city when you can just walk?), closer to friends....who knows! It's an idea....but a fun one!

There yah have it! I'm not going to share all my goals...a guy has to keep a couple of secrets!

While we all have that list of things that we want to achieve in the coming year...what's on the top of your list!


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