Thursday, 8 March 2012

Brick by brick.

Lately I've found myself obsessing over brick walls. Well, okay, maybe obsessing isn't the right word, but I keep finding myself being drawn to and loving room shots that feature, you guessed it, at least one brick wall.
I've found myself especially in love with painted brick....there's just something about it. It's got the perfect mix of industrial / cool factor, yet when painted is warm, inviting and screams "Dan you need to buy place with at least one brick wall."
Love this built in against the white brick wall

However, unless my financial adviser can suddenly pull a rabbit and enough coin for a decent down-payment on a non-ghetto place out of his hat, then I've got a couple more years of dreaming about lofty spaces with whitewashed  or painted brick walls, high ceilings, windows with soaring views and worn and weathered but amazing hardwoods. That or if my loft dreams are a bit too much, then enough coin for a fixer-upper where I can take a trip to the hardware store for a couple 4' x 8' sheets of 'faux brick'...some drywall mud, a couple cans of paint, find some tips from a Debbie Travis column and fake it till I make it.
Regardless of where I end up, a brick wall, whether it be genuine or a Dan weekend (or week long) project is a must! This afternoon I was digging through a couple folders on my computers, both at home and around the office and kept stumbling across shots that keep stumbling across brick wall after brick wall, after brick wall.

Tell you don't want to hang out in any of these spaces!?!? 
White wood floors & exposed brick walls
white brick walls
white brick walls...
painted brick wall
Love the warm stain thick-planked shelves against the bright white painted brick walls.
I love this bedroom!  It's so ... me!  Love the painted brick wall, the quirky yet no-nonsense drape, the adorable hanging lamp (anyone knows where it's from?) ... and most of all...STACKS of BOOKS!!  I can imagine adding floating shelves on the wall, filling it with books and other figurines I collect ...
I love how the white walls, brick and slipcovered sofas allow for the freedom to play with color and pattern in the textiles...
june 2010 Maude Arsenault and Eric Tessier painted the exposed brick in their Montreal home the same colour as the walls to give the room a seamless look, while floating white shelves allow selected objects to stand out
Love the gallery wall over the texture of whitewashed brick
Pretty awesome right?

Yah, I figured that you'd agree with me!

And while painted brick walls might be my current love / borderline obsession, I want to know what's got you fired up! Wallpaper? Walls painted in soft spring tones or deep right solids? Tell me! Tell me!


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  1. I love painted brick walls! It is amazing what can be done by using brick paint. I love that it gives the room so much more personality. Great pictures!



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