Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bu-bye stuff & other randomness.

I've had an interesting couple of weeks to say the least.

And by interesting, I mean awesome!

I've been wicked busy both personally and professionally. So much is going on around the office...sometimes I come home and feel like my head is spinning...but I'm getting better at leaving work at work. They're only paying me to work a certain number of hours - anything out of my norm is my time! Time for me to not be preoccupied with random emails, goofiness, office politics and Chinese imports.

Personally, the month has been full of fun adventures and discoveries...good times with friends and breakthroughs of sorts. And while most of my tales are too personal to share, I've got one that I do want to discuss with yah.

Awhile back I'd mentioned how I'd been going through my 'stuff' out the 'crap' that really wasn't serving any purpose. At the time, I managed to take a pile of bags to Goodwill, and while I did some damage, it still felt like there was a lot of randomness that I needed to figure out. 

This past weekend, I ended up at home with the most wicked of wicked colds - and not being one of those guys that likes to mope around when I'm sick I figured that it was time to tear back into my 'stuff' to see what else I could get rid of.

It might sound goofy, but as I started to go tear through cupboards, closets & my storage room everything started to hit me. Suddenly it was like "why do I own all of this shiz? Seriously. Why?" It was then that I decided that instead of just "cleaning" that I was going to full out purge. Like serious. PURGE.

Over the course of two days I was pretty ruthless. To the point where I was opening up totes and boxes in my storage room, looking in them, realizing that I hadn't gone through them since I'd moved into my place 3ish years ago and decided then and there that "everything goes."

I also kind of realized that you can have too many serving plates, kitchen gadgets, that just because you can own a French press doesn't mean that you should own a French press and that the Mexican pottery that was a pain in the ass to get home without breaking on the plane is actually useless when it says "not safe for use with food" on the back. 

Much sorting, tossing, packing, lugging and filling my car later, Goodwill ended up with two carloads of my stuff. The collections that I'd worked so hard on a few years ago. The projects that I'd started but never finished, the trashy and depressing paperbacks that I'll never read again...all gone!

It was also then that I kind of realized that maybe, just maybe I was using my 'hunting of treasures' to escape and forget about some of life's randomness that I wasn't overly happy with. Like hunting down a random salad bowl was going to fulfill some sort of goofy need. Hmm...

To be completely honest with yah, I haven't been thrifting forever - and really have no desire to. Seriously. There's no burning desire for me to scavenge through Value Village for something that I can 'magically transform' into something 'amazing.' 
Obviously I still have some collections (as you can see in the above pic), and I'm sure that at some point I'll want to add some new pieces, but right now I'm more excited about the idea of coming home after work and reading a good book, hunting down some new tunes, trying out a new recipe. Or perhaps getting out and hanging with friends, grabbing drinks and chillin' with peeps. Why spend so much time looking for more 'stuff'...?

And there yah have it. That's where I'm at right now.

I really haven't figured out how my new found discovery / epiphany will affect this some point it will all make sense. But until it does, I'm totally going to enjoy what is, in some ways, a new found 'freedom.' That's a goofy word to use, but in some ways, it kind of feels like it I'm gonna roll with it.


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