Monday, 5 December 2011

Chinese fun and games.

To say that I've been a busy boy around the office lately is a bit of an understatement. And though I like to think I've got everything under control and somewhat sorted I'm pretty sure that I'll endup going gray prematuraly. Bring on the Just For Men touch-up kits...

Anyways, as busy and hectic as it can be, it's a lot of fun. I basically get to spend my days shopping! Well shopping, creating packaging, sorting out containers, arguing with factories about minimal order quantities, translating, working with graphic artists to develop packaging, et cetera, et cetera. And while I love all it, it's the thrill of the hunt and finding something new that excites me the most.

It's awesome stumbling across factories half way around the world and uncovering some of the cool pieces that they're producing. And though I can't necessarily show you what I'm currently buying (yet...I will when it arrives this spring) I want to show you some cool pieces that I just found!

I love how I can be trying to hunt down something like flooring or lighting and suddenly I've stumbled across the most amazing assortment of product. Case in point, I was looking for heaters and ended up with these AMAZING furniture pieces on my screen...
Aren't these pieces cool? Even though they're pretty much the last items in the world that I'll ever be importing (with this company anyways)...I'm in love with them! I've already mapped out homes for everything in my place.

This brings me to the question - how do I convince work to bring in a container of this stuff? Remember I work for a hardware retailer...not a furniture retailer.

Knowing me, I'm going to have these pieces on my mind for the next couple of days and will go to bed this evening coming up with a goofy plan on how I'll get them over here and into my apartment. Something like "ooooh....the factory makes garden tools. Let's buy a bunch of shovels for the stores...and oh yah, throw this, this and that in the container for our review."

Then again, maybe I'd be further ahead wandering down to Homesense to see what they have.


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