Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mr. Mitchell Decorates.

My mind has officially been blown.

No Seriously.

Today is the first day of December. Seriously. Where did this year go? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was heading to the beach with Mister and our friends? Non?

Oh well. I guess if anything it means that we're just that much closer to Christmas! And to help get me feeling festive I dug out the last of the decorations, hit up the shops (yet again....we won't tell Mister how much I've spent) and starting spreading the fun around my place.

And while I've got a ways to go, I figured that it would be fun to give you a sneak peek of what I've been up to.
As this is the one and only holiday that I really get into, I figured that I have no excuse not to go all out. This year I started out with greenery above my kitchen cabinets. I figured out that I could hide a cord behind the cabinets - therefore letting me go with a pre-lit garland, which I dressed up with a mix of vintage glass and new unbreakable balls. The way the glittery balls hit the lights makes me, for reals. When it comes to Christmas, I don't mess around.

Though my tree is up and lit (we won't discuss the three hours it took to get there....), I'm waiting until this weekend to decorate it with Mister. And while I thought I could wait until the weekend, I found myself NEEDING TO DECORATE something. So away went the shells and postcards that filled my urns and vases and out came the buffalo snow and balls in every shade of blue I could find, complimented with silver and white.
Isn't this reindeer the cutest little guy you've ever seen? I picked him and his brother up from Superstore right after they put their decorations out. He's basically the reason that I decided to go all out with the blue and silver theme this season....we won't go into detail about how I when I was in the States last month I bought a pile of red stuff (I swear....I'll use it next year).
And while I'd like to show you everything else I've done, I'm going to make you wait! I wanna unveil the finished project sometime this weekend! I'm hoping to spend part of tomorrow evening getting the tree wrapped up and then I've got a couple of other DIY projects that I want to tackle....that is if I can find the missing pieces! 

I found a couple of those pieces on the way home from work this evening....
Are you getting curious yet?


Back to the fun & eggnog!

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