Monday, 6 June 2011

And now for something different...

If you're a regular, or even semi-regular reader, you'll know by now that this is a style blog of sorts. One guy giving his thoughts and opinions on random interior design stuff. But right now, rather than discussing which table should go with which lamp, or what colours you should and shouldn't paint your bathroom, I feel like throwing some rather personal questions out there. Right now, rather than dishing out advice and wisdom I'm looking for some.

You see, right now I feel like I'm kind of at a standstill with my career. I basically feel like I'm filling in some time trying to figure out what to do next. It's like I know that I'm not supposed to be doing what I'm doing, because it's making me a miserable and moody beast, but at the same time I don't know how to get past it.

A few people have basically said "quit what you're doing and go for it," which is find and dandy, and probably easy in theory, but at the same time isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. I'm one of those over-achiever's who has basically spent the past couple of years busting my balls to get to the point where I'm at. Its been a rollercoaster to say the least, complete with some crazy long hours, empty bank accounts, some laughs, just as many tears and a lot of over-analyzing.

I've spent the past five or so years building a decent career for myself, but I've basically come to the realization, that while a lot of guys would be happy doing what I'm doing, and a lot of guys would thrive spending their days working as a hardware buyer for a growing company...I'm not one of those guys. I'm basically to the point where whenever I think about work I get antsy, really quiet or will ramble on and on about how frustrated I am....which isn't healthy. It's even worse when somebody starts to ask me about work....I hate lying, but at the same time I don't want to go on and on about what's irking me.

Don't get me wrong. There have been some good moments along the way. I've built a fairly good name for myself in what I'm doing - to the point where I have headhunters interested in me for similar gigs. I'm still crazy young and to be doing what I'm doing at my age is kind of unheard of. I work for a great company - they're very driven and see a lot of potential in me. They've taken a look at a lot of my quirky and out there ideas and have said (for the most part) "yah, let's try that." And while that's neat and gives me something else to add to my portfolio of things I've accomplished, when I look at everything, a bulk of what's I've accomplished really hasn't excited me.

I realize that everyone has to start somewhere - you can't get you want from the get-go. That sort of stuff just doesn't happen. You've gotta put in the time and bust your balls before you can reap the benefits and get to that place where you're respected and rewarded for all of your time, dedication, whatever. And though I'm at where I'm at...still "climbing the ladder" so to speak, it feels like I'm climbing the wrong ladder.

I feel like I know what I want to do. I know where I'd like to be, where I'd like to go. I've got some crazy big goals and aspirations. A lot of them are unrealistic - but seriously, why not. A person has to have goals and expectations. Things to push themselves, things to make themselves want to go further - to do more. My goal when I first setout was to become an import buyer. I had a few people that said it wasn't going to I set out to prove them wrong. Which I have, which has been a good feeling when I've been able to meet up with them. It's not like I've rubbed it in their faces or anything, its just been a good feeling to be like "so yah, I spent part of this afternoon talking to China, blah blah blah."

And though I still have a love for import - I feel like it's time to switch it up a notch or six. It's time for a new adventure. It's time for me to be doing something that I'm passionate about. I mean why not? I know too many guys that are spending their lives trapped in their offices wishing that they were doing something else. They've basically come to terms with the idea that "this is what I'm doing; this is what's paying the bills" and they just deal. I'm not ready to do that. I've got ideas. Big ideas. I'm passionate about so many things beyond hardware and tools (no passion what-so-ever). Wouldn't it make more sense to build a career that channels my interests? Wouldn't it make more sense to be doing something where I'm excited to tackle whatever the week has to throw at me rather than rolling out of bed and mumbling "fuck the world" while beating my clock. Yah, I thought so.

So that brings me to a couple of questions - if you're doing what you've always dreamt of doing, how did you get there? What steps did you take? What stumbling blocks did you face? How did you handle the naysayers? What advice do you have for a young guy who's considering breaking free from the career that he's worked so hard to build? What sort of timeline did you give yourself? How did you keep yourself in check, while making sure that you were moving forward to reach your goals?

That also leads me to ask - if you're like me and we're wearing similar shoes; both stuck working in professions that really don't interest us, what's holding you back? Security? Fear? Financial instability? Possible failure? Are you like me - you can see the big picture - the empire complete with this, that and the next thing, but you're just not sure how to get from A to B? Does the idea of change and switching things up make you feel like you're walking over hot coals?

I'd like to hear from you - whether you know me or not - give me your comments, your words of wisdom, how you figured things out, what steps you're taking, info on what's driving you or pushing you, what your ultimate goals are....even the ones that same so far-fetched that people roll their eyes when they hear you mention them. (I want my own line of products. I want to write. I want to import. I want to buy and sell. I want to create. I want a shop. I want freedom. I want to explore. I want to succeed.) Send me whatever...I'm not sure where we'll endup, but it would still be cool to get someone else's perspective.

Let's explore this together....


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