Thursday, 23 June 2011

Silver Bullet

My office is located along a major highway, so all day if I look behind me and through the window I get to see the usual stream of traffic heading in and out of the city. Most of the time it's not that exciting. The usual mix of tractor trucks, Buicks and Hutterite vans (if you're from Manitoba you know what I'm talking about). Occasionally a sweet Audi or BMW will catch my attention, but most of the time it's pretty boring.

This morning though I saw one of these beauties pass by and its been in my head since -

Dreamy isn't it? 

I'm not a camper. I've never slept in a tent, nor do I have any real desire to sleep under the stars. It's basically to the point where Mister refers to me as 'Princess' when we're discussing anything outdoor related. When I throw around ideas for camping they include duvets, paper lanterns strung through trees, my stainless steel martini glasses and a pizza made over our camp fire.Yah....

But I could totally see myself enjoying a summer (okay, maybe a weekend to start with) in an Airstream camper if it looked something like these shots below -

DWR Airstream
Okay, so how sweet are these pictures? I could totally see myself hanging out in one of these. A book. A couple bottles of good wine or maybe a mojito or mosquitoes to attack me while I try to relax. My flip flops and some good tunes. Totally my idea of a good time. No wood ticks. No rocks killing my back, wet tents or poison ivy....that and an actual mattress with real blankets and sheets.

Summer's coming. I'll take one you can throw in a vehicle capable of towing one of these bad boys. My Alero, the official car of divorced cougar-ish aged real estate agents everywhere would die if it had to tow one of these guys....

And to all the outdoor enthusiasts who want to convince me that camping outdoors is fun...I say enjoy. have fun with the bugs and rain. I'll be cozy, bug free and dry under the covers in my Airstream.

A guy can dream, right?

What are you up to this summer?!



  1. Wow, these photos are seriously gorgeous and inspiring! You've given me a new daydream, too! Also, I've been following for quite some time now and thought I should finally say hi! Love your blog!

  2. Hey Peter! Thanks for following...I spent the better part of this past Friday afternoon at work reading your blog and discovering your story....couldn't stop reading about you and David and your adventure moving abroad! Love it! :)



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