Monday, 7 November 2011

Baby it's cold outside.

Monday evening.

It's dark. It's snowing. It's cold.

What's a boy to do besides throw on his sweats and crank up the heat?

Watch some bad reality TV? Iron his work clothes? Flip through magazines? about something a bit more exciting.

Say something like coming up with some ideas for my future digs...

Let's start with someplace that looks like this - room to roam around in, but still cute, cozy and full of character.
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Lately, I've had this thing for baths. I'm usually a shower guy, but with the cooler weather I've been finding myself wanting to just soak in a big tub. The thing is, I'm still living it up in my rental, which has a tiny tub, it's basically the opposite of a soaker, when the time comes, the papers have been signed and the moving truck has been unpacked, I'm digging out my sledge hammer to knockdown walls and make room for a freestanding soaker tub. I'll take the below bathroom please....
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Not bad huh?

What else is on the wish list?

How about a couple of Lucite 'ghost' chairs?
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As impractical and uncomfortable as they probably are, I'm in love with Starck's classic design. Perhaps they'd look great in my fictitious dining room, or in the front entry...or better yet, put to use in a study. 

And because my future digs will have plenty of storage room, I'll have a pantry off of the snazzy kitchen - complete with uber-fun wallpaper and floor to ceiling shelving for all of my serving pieces, extra bar ware and whatever I bring home on a random whim.
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Speaking of wallpaper - I don't think that I've ever discussed with you just how much I love and adore wallpaper. I don't get why people are terrified of it. Maybe it has something to do with childhoods filled with spending the night in a grandparent's guest room - complete with the ugliest of orange and pink floral prints (or ferns in the case of my Grandma's place....).

That said, times have changed and now there are amazing styles to suit every taste. I've got a couple of different ideas. Perhaps something completely out of the box like this map print (....erase those memories of the ugly map wallpaper murals that you used to see in the Sears catalogue when we were kids....) - 
Pinned Image
Or maybe something a bit more classic like this awesome birch print - I can totally picture doing this along side my beloved HBC blanket and a big overstuffed duvet!
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What else have I been dreaming about you may ask?

Well, I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to have a home with an attic! I know nothing about attics - really. Apparently they're cold in winter and hot in the summer, but that's all secondary! I want rooms with dormers and slanted ceilings! That and all of the cool storage spots and built-in cabinets for music and books! Swoon!
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That or what about an attic dressing room? How much fun would this be? I went to a Birthday party when I was young where the kid's Mom had an attic dressing room....nowhere near as glamorous as this one, but still....I want! (A toned down version that is....this is a bit too Liberace for me.....but still!!)
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Bathtub. Chairs. Closet. Attic. Pantry. Wallpaper obsession. What else?

A kick-ass custom designed outdoor kitchen.

Since picking up my BBQ a couple of years ago, I've developed a love of grilling - it might sound a bit nutty, but I find it relaxing. And while my little red BBQ will keep me going for a couple of years yet, I dream of the day when I can build (that's right....I can use power tools) my own outdoor kitchen. It's a little known fact that I did brick and stone work for six months out of college (secret skills!) would love to create something of my own. Something like this - 
I'm also madly in love with this set-up! Imagine coming over and having me make you my signature tequila lime chicken on this bad boy!
Hmm....also a must - some snazzy art!
*Snazzy art does not come from the home decor aisle of Target or Homesense. Rather, snazzy art is discovered during travels, on random Sunday afternoons while wandering around markets and country auctions. Snazzy art can and may possibly include beautiful photography of far-off exotic locales.
Not a bad list of ideas huh? It's going to take awhile to get there...quite a while. So before any Lucite, wallpaper, picket fences or custom grills maybe I should start with two things that I can actually afford without blowing the bank - 
and also
That's right - a blank journal, a pen and a glass of whatever I've got kicking around....ideas and doodles don't cost anything. Why not let my imagination run wild. While I'm at it, I may as well consider what I'm going to be parking in my future garage - do I go for the Land Rover in black with tan leather or in black with black leather. Hmm.....

I've shared some of what's on my wish list. What's on yours?

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