Monday, 28 November 2011

Narcissus papyraceus

This holiday season, I've decided to force some narcissus papyraceus bulbs.

Narci what?

You know. Narcissus papyraceus bulbs. No? Doesn't ring a bell?

How about their other name? Paperwhites? There we go!
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When we were in the States a couple of weeks ago, I scored a carton of bulbs for $5.00! Not bad considering they're generally double that at home (don't even get me started on the $6.00 orchid plants I saw while down there....I spent $19.00 on mine....)! Anyways, I've always loved the way these guys look, but for some goofy reason have never gotten around to trying them out for myself.
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Apparently it's a matter of me planting them in a pot....watering them and then waiting 3 to 4 weeks for blossoms. So in some ways, I guess that makes them like the adult version of Sea-Monkeys...minus the creepiness of Sea-Monkeys (there's just something about Sea-Monkeys that freaks me out). If all goes as planned, my bulbs should be looking snazzy by the week before Christmas. That is, if I get my ass in gear and actually plant them.
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I've stalled on planting my bulbs because I was on the hunt for a great looking piece to plant them in - but really haven't found anything that stood out and excited me. I'm thinking however, that they'd look great if planted in my whiteware fruit bowl....then again, where will my bananas live for the next couple of months?
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As much as I love the look of paper whites, I still haven't figured out why they and amaryllis bulbs are so popular during the holiday season...I get the whole poinsettia thing, but flower bulbs in winter? Regardless, I think they'll add some fun dining room table over Christmas.
And what happens if they don't come up?! I'll fake it with the silks ones I saw at will be our little secret.

Decorating begins tonight!

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