Sunday, 16 October 2011

A quick update.

Four days. Five phone calls from China. Six containers of product booked. 

Not bad huh?

Oh yah, that and I bought myself flowers on the way home one night....they've got such vivid tones in them that I couldn't help but take a couple of pictures.

Anyways, back to the week that was, I'm starting to settle into my new role. Second day on my computer and I remembered most of the ins and outs of the purchasing software that I'll be using....which makes life a lot easier! I know most of my team, and have already established communication with some old colleagues and friends overseas - which makes my life a whole lot easier!

I've got a number of exciting projects on the go - a number of which I really do hope to share with you....once I get some details sorted out. Right now I'm working about five months in advance to make sure that I've got a full assortment of seasonal merchandise available; I wish that I had a bit more time....a couple of extra months to play with ideas, but I've got an awesome feel for what I want to do - the ideas are rolling and I've plastered my office walls with pictures and ideas. I've got two weeks to put everything together, not a lot of time, but I know that I can do it!
What I'm loving the most about my new role is the fact that there's always something new for me to hunt for! One minute I'm checking out this, the next minute I'm checking out that....and then there's a bit of random other stuff thrown in for fun.

Sure I've got some challenges ahead of me, and there will be some skeptics, but I know that I made the right move. Nose to the grindstone and away I go!

That said, week number one kind of kicked my ass....a new routine takes a bit of time to get used to. That and I'm missing my sneakers....but that's pretty minor. A couple of projects around home have been cast aside and are still sitting in the middle of my living room floor, but I'm hoping to get them wrapped up before the end of this week!

But before any of that, it's time for this guy to crawl into a hot bath and then get some shuteye. 

I've got a week filled with Vietnamese ceramic factories, bathtubs, office decorating and random phone calls from India ahead of me....I need as much sleep as I can get to prep myself!

I can't wait!

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