Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Just one thing.

I've loved milk glass forever, but it's only been recently that I've actually started building a collection of my own. A a kid I admired a small vase that my Gram used to showcase spring flower blossoms - it wasn't the fanciest or most intricate of pieces, but I think that's why I liked it so much - there's something about the overall 'whiteness' of the piece that helped make the blossoms pop.
Milk glass pieces always seemed out of reach, that is until recently. For some reason it seems like everywhere I turn I'm stumbling into them...to the point where I've been able to get picky with which pieces come home with me, and which pieces stay in the shop.
Wanna know the best part? I've scored my pieces for amazing steal-of-a-deal prices! I haven't paid anymore than $2.00 for any of my pieces...which is really something considering the fact that when you start hunting for pieces online, most of what I've collected goes for anywhere from $16.00 through $30.00 per piece.
I've made it a point to stick with vases and urns - I've seen some awesome examples of milk glass dinnerware and serving pieces along the way, but my kitchen and pantry are only so big....that and I'm scared that at some point Mister will phone A&E or whatever network it is that has those shows about people who have multiple 'collections'....
I'm still working out how I want to display my new-found collection, and have come up with a couple of ideas, of which all are highly unrealistic for the time being - one idea involves built-in shelving, another sees me re-purposing an old secretary desk and displaying the pieces in the upper cabinets. Until such a time when either idea is feasible or possible, I'm thinking that I'd love to try displaying a couple of my fave pieces on my mantel this Christmas! Picture this - oodles of milk glass along with blue and silver glass balls....maybe some greenery...hmm.....

What collections have stumbled your way as of late?


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  1. I passed on a milk glass lamp at Sally Anne last week and am sorry I did....
    I have a real thing going on for vintage jewelry boxes and chicken scratch embroidery - both very plentiful here in the 'peg.



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