Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thrift Thursday!

Best thrift Thursday ever.

Well, almost.

I really didn't find much, but I had a lot of fun wandering around. Instead of only having an hour or two to run around after work I had the whole afternoon to peruse the city for treasures! As such, I made a point to venture off of my usual beaten track to see what else I could find.

I hit up a couple of furniture stores with the hope that I would stumble across my dream coffee table (it's out there!)...but no cigar. Instead, I had an old man follow me up and down three flights of stairs. Yes. Yes, I plan to grab that dresser and run out of the store with it....

And while I didn't come away with a coffee table, I had loads of fun and I did find one project piece (which I'm going to keep secret for the time being....but it will find a home in my new living room. I'm exciting enough about it that I've already ripped it apart and have it primed and drying on my deck!

Also, I stumbled across something really fun!

Get a load of this bad boy that came home with me -

So you're thinking, "it's a candle....wooo...."

But this my friends is not just any candle! This is the Voluspa candle that I've coveted for ages but have been too cheap to buy. At $22.00 CDN, it's not exactly a 'bargain' piece; but it's so worth it...especially when you get a load of the scent delicious 'Truffle White Cocoa' scent. It smells like, ten twenty times better than any other cocoa scented candle out there. For a few brief seconds I even contemplated licking it....(not really...okay really).

I was browsing through a Value Village when I noticed the familiar tin out of the corner of my eye. Usually I don't stop to check out candles at thrift stores but with the extra time, I figured why not... right away I knew that I was onto something when I spotted this guy!

Still sealed and unused, my coveted candle came home with me for....wait for it....

Wait for it...

The princely sum of....


That's right. One dollar, ninety-nine cents.


Best. Deal. Ever.


Both Chapters & Indigo stores have a huuuuuuuuuuge selection of Voluspa scents! Go! Now!

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