Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New York state of mind.

This past weekend was insanely busy - and among other things, I found myself sitting at a wedding reception - knowing only one other person in the entire room. It was a pretty swank event with so much to take in; I secretly love weddings and this one didn't disappoint. Everywhere I turned there was eye-candy and colour - which I totally soaked up.

I ended up at a rather interesting table. Included were an engineer, some guy that worked for the government, a couple that wouldn't talk to us and a friend of the bride who is pretty much living her dream (and mine, and probably everyone else in the rooms...). 

While I'm slugging it as a hardware buyer in the suburbs of Winnipeg(I still haven't figured out how that happened),she's got a marketing gig at Chanel. In New York City. Yup. That Chanel. Yup. That New York City.

Exhibit A - 

If she hadn't been so nice I totally could have hated her, but she was far to friendly for me to feel that way. That and she was uber gorgeous. Anyways, I totally spent the evening in awe of her life. New York. Seriously. Chanel. Are you kidding me? She spends her days on the phone with the buyers at Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. For reals. She totally could have been the fifth cast member of Sex & The City...minus the slut factor.

I spent the evening asking her goofy questions. Most of us at the table did - with the exception of the snotty couple that showed no interest in anything...and left after their helping of chocolate mousse.

She talked about her job. She talked about the subway. About how she hates Times Square (too touristy), randomly seeing celebrities. How her apartment is the size of a shoe box (dishwasher or extra closet space....). How she was in a store and ended up admiring the same earrings as Candy Spelling.

I've always been fascinated with New York City. Probably since seeing Breakfast At Tiffany's for the first time... It seems like it would be a very 'Dan Place' to visit. If that makes any sense. I love the idea of wandering around the city. Hitting up all of the goofy tourist spots, but also viewing the city through the eyes of someone who actually lives there - or as someone who has had the chance to spend some real time discovering the city.

Having yet had the opportunity to actually hop a plane and visit I'm sure that my ideas on thoughts on the city are more than a bit exaggerated. But hey, why not. Why not dream of a dream marketing gig? A walk-up, rent controlled apartment - with the square footage and character of Rachel & Monica's apartment? Of the endless nightlife. Of plays and unique individuals. Of the food and drinks to be had. Of the endless photo opps.

A guy can dream can't he?

Someday Mr. Mitchell. Someday.

That and a trip would totally give me reason to listen to this track while flying over the city...
Where's your dream destination?

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