Thursday, 11 August 2011

Why blog?

Why blog?

I've had a few individuals ask me that question as of late, both friends as well as a few other individuals who have stumbled across me while online late one night. When this question has popped up, I always have to take my time to think about what my answer is. You see, I really don't have a cut and paste answer for why I've decided to open up to you via my blog.

I'm a pretty creative guy and lack a lot of creative freedom when it comes to my current job. I'm terrible with spreadsheets, numbers and analytical information which is what I spend most of my days looking at, so I've been able to use my blog to escape to 'Dan Land' so to speak. It's a chance for me to flex my creative muscle and show the world what I'm interested in, what really excites me and what makes me tick. In a way, I guess I'm showing the world who I really am - who that typically awkward and quiet guy really is.

There are loads of other reasons. In some ways I've used my blog to try to share my love of design (albeit poorly at times), share some of the tricks of the trade that I've learnt along the way and ramble on about what I like & dislike. At times I even go as far as to hope that in some way or another I'll inspire you do try something different or to pause and reflect.

Do I care about people reading & commenting? Do I check my stats on a daily basis? Sometimes (okay, there are days when I'll post something that I think is really good and I'll check back in on an hourly basis to see what's going on); however, a lot of the time I'm doing what I do for me - to keep my wheels turning, and perhaps even to get back on track with the basics of actually writing something other than a work proposal. My grammar is horrendous, as are my choice of words from time to time, but hey, I like to think of this site as a work in progress.

Any other reasons?

How much more do you want to read?

Right now I'm really feeling inspired to make a change as far as my career is concerned. I'm good at what I do, but I don't enjoy what I do. As previously mentioned (numerous times over) I work as a retail buyer, which one would think would be a glamorous and exciting position. Not so much. Actually, not at all. I'm the last guy in the world that should be taking phone calls on electrical boxes and 14/2 NMD electrical wire. There are loads of individuals that would kill for this role, but I'm not feeling it.

I've had a few different leads, and have spoken with a few different individuals but but I'm still at a state of unease. It's kind of like I'm doing one of those log rolling competitions, but instead of my log rolling, I'm just using my hands to keep myself balanced so as to not fall in the water. I guess in some ways I've convinced myself that if I keep blogging, investigating ideas, reading, reviewing and talking with others I'll have some sort of epiphany as to where my future is going to take me.

Obviously, I've got loads of ideas; it would be loads of fun to develop a book (Dan's Guide To Stylish Living With No Coin....or Dan's Big Book of Cheap & Easy Projects...or something along those lines), or create a product line (upholstered & occassional furniture, followed by homegoods and a line of textiles) or open a small chain of shops (or perhaps one to start with)- but it's basically come to the point where I need to find something somewhat realistic that I could pursue - something that makes me want to wake up and head into the office (or wherever) - on sets me on a clearer path.

Some people dream of that 9 to 5 with a good company. They go in, they do their time, they come home and repeat. Like the movie Groundhog Day. That's not me. I thrive on adventure and change....on creativity and freedom....and independence....amongst other things.

My dreams aren't going anywhere - even if they're a bit quarky, they're mine and I know that there has to be some way that I can chase them. I guess when it comes down to it I'm trying to come up with an idea that will get me on the right track for where I want to go.

That and from time to time it's fun to just ramble on and on and on and on. As you'll have figured out, I have a slight problem with knowing when to stop writing - or knowing where to edit out details. I want to paint the whole another one just in case you're still a bit confused. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to some of the things that I'm interested in - sometimes it's fun to throw my thoughts out there....with the idea that hey, maybe someone else would be interested in what's making me smile.

And that's why I blog.

So there you have it - in a round-about, ramble-y kind of way....I think I've covered my reasons, and the thoughts behind this question, but if I've forgotten anything I'll be sure to let you know!


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