Saturday, 6 August 2011

Secret, Secret.

I've got a secret.

Actually I've got a few. And while there are a few juicy secrets that I'll keep to myself, I will let you in on one secret that drives me up the wall from time to time, frustrates and agitates me.

My secret - 

I'm the most unorganized, organized individual you will ever meet.

Shocking? Not overly, I mean look at some of my posts - they're pretty unorganized from time to time...

The thing is, I'm the most unorganized, organized individual that I know. A fact that is driving me up the wall. I've been thinking about it enough that I think that it's finally time to switch it up a bit (or a lot....).

It's kind of funny actually. If you were to come over for dinner you'd be walking into a place that looks somewhat organized. While I like my knickknacks and randomness, I hate having randomness scattered around. I don't want to see life's paperwork, old magazines, stationary and kitchen appliances at the best of times, so I try to hide everything behind closet doors, behind cabinet drawers or in drawers.

That said, chances are that if you were over and started to snoop I doubt that you'd find this -
Or this -
Or even this -
Actually I know that you'd never find anything like the above shots. Chances are that instead you'd end up finding something like my own pantry (or rather something that looked like this....before I filled it up with clutter) -
I'm going to spare you from seeing the clutter shots because frankly, they're pretty bad. Basically picture a rickety old stand filled to the brim with food stuff and serving ware, my recycling pile strewn about and some random vases and glassware tossed in for good measure.

And while closet doors and kitchen cabinets keep everything out of sight, out of mind, eventually a guy will end-up spending 15 minutes looking for cinnamon (Tuesday evening) or 20 minutes trying to hunt down a can of tomato paste (Wednesday evening).

I think that after neglecting this issue for awhile now, it's time to hone in on the chaos. It's time to see if I can finally figure out the mess that is my pantry and my kitchen cupboards.

And how do I plan on doing this?

I haven't figured out all of the details for that yet (it's early on a Saturday morning....realistically I should still be sleeping), but here's what I'm thinking of so far -
Some new shelving to begin with. Something that can actually support the weight of my blender, serving ware and a fondue set.

Some super cute, super cheap baskets from Canadian Tire, JYSK or Superstore - I might luck out and find some awesome details given all of the 'back to school' sales. I've found baskets to be my best chance of keeping anything somewhat organized - my movies, paperbacks and magazines have all found homes in cheap seagrass baskets from Canadian Tire and from the PC Home collection at Superstore.

Hmm. What else.
I've always had a soft spot for Mason and Ball canning jars. They're cheap, they're practical and they look cool when lined up. Spices? Baking supplies? Maybe pasta in the larger ones? I think so!

Time! Summer is supposed to be quiet - a chance for a bit of down time. The last thing that I want to do is waste an afternoon in my pantry when it's so nice outside. That's a good enough excuse right?! I like to think so. That said, there's nothing stopping me from tackling my pantry on a rainy afternoon or in the evening (unless Big Brother is on).

What else.
It's time to 'clean house' if you know what I'm sayin'. To seriously take a look at everything that's managed to jam its way into my kitchen and pantry over the past three years and figure out whether or not it really belongs in either spot, or for that matter, anywhere in my place. Three teapots? Maybe. Gravy boat? Probably time for it to take a hike....

So right now it's a perfect looking Saturday morning; but there are a few clouds rolling in....and a chance of showers for this afternoon. Perhaps it's time to hunt down a few of my organizational tools (and a new camera), throw on some cleaning tunes and go to town!

New gravy boat anyone?

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