Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pantry lovin'.

So, I'm still trying to figure out my camera, but I couldn't wait any longer! I've been wanting to show you my pantry - I love the way that I've been able to pull it together. There are still a few details that I want to complete - I've got my eye on a new light fixture for the wall and have been saving frames to create a wall collage....but they'll come later!

Anyways, enough of me rambling! You want to see pictures! You want to see what I've done thus far - 

I've had the little wooden stand for a few years, but have never fully utilized it. It was one of those pieces that just sat in the previous pantry and collected dust. No more! It now looks cute, decorative and functional as it holds some of my favourite pieces - including my Peek Frean cookie tin and this giant apothecary jar that I scooped up from the sample pile at my old job.

Realizing I needed more storage, I hit up a couple of different shops hoping that I'd stumble across some cool wire racks. However, an unfinished wooden rack from Walmart won out in the end. $29.97 > $79.99 wins every time.
Remember my idea to go ahead with canning jars? I totally went for it! I picked up a dozen for under $8.00 at Canadian Tire and went wild filling them with some of my seasonal baking supplies. They look even better when teamed up with the wire baskets that I picked up on clearance for $1.44 each at Superstore (regular $13.99 each). Gotta love a bargain!
The new shelving unit has worked perfectly to both store and also to display some of my favourite pieces. After having them jammed in my cupboards for years, it's finally nice to be able to see them out on display - including that snazzy fondue set I found a couple of months ago. That and I always know where the tequila is. Just sayin'.
I struck gold when I found this awesome jar at Value Village last week for $2.99. Better yet, the fact that it was still wearing its original price tag. It works perfectly as a new flour jar.
It also looks cool when teamed up with the mixing bowls that I snagged off of my sister a while back - she'd received them as a grad gift and wasn't really digging them. Enter Dan.
Remember those wicker baskets that I picked up at Goodwill? I'd originally planned on using them to store magazines and movies but they work perfectly storing canned tomatoes, soups and bags of marshmallows.
Not wanting to leave out the decorating details that make a space I decided to use the top of the new shelving unit to display some of my treasures that have been in hiding for awhile. My Grandpa gave me the Kodak darkroom light a couple of years ago - apparently my Great-Great Grandpa did photography at one point and this had belonged to him. It works well with my Niagara Falls candy tin, the stamps that came home with me from Value Village one afternoon (more than a few people were puzzled as to why I'd picked them up), the giant ceramic conch I found when cleaning up a relative's belongings and the cool blue boxes that I found at Superstore for $4.99 each. Once I get around to it, the boxes will come in handy storing and organizing recipes.
The little rack looks so cute now that I'm actually putting it to work. I've finally corralled my collection of vases and tins - no more digging through cupboards, closets and storage rooms. Throw in some bake ware, an etiquette book and an old tackle box filled with hand tools and I think I'm set.
Oh! I can't forget to show you this cute little fish platter that I found a couple of weeks ago at my Grandma's. It's proved to be the perfect spot to contain my car keys - that and whenever I look at it, I stop and think about my Gram.
So there you have it! My almost finished pantry! It's far from my dream pantry (walls of cabinets, a bar fridge and a little sink), but hey it's doing the trick! My storage room is staying organized, and best of all, I get to see a lot of my fave treasures on a daily basis!

Another project down, a gazillion more to go!


Large shelving unit - Walmart
Recycling Bin - Canadian Tire
Canning Jars - Canadian Tire
Wire Baskets - Superstore
Blue Storage Boxes - Superstore
Glass Cylinder Vase - Alfred Sung for Zellers
Italian Coffee Perk - The Happy Cooker (Winnipeg)

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