Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Swanky lovin'.

While most kids collected Pogs, marbles and action figures, I was busy collecting vintage toy cars, old books, candy tins and vintage travel souvenirs. During the summer on any given Friday evening or Saturday morning, my Mom and I would make our list of yard sales around town and would venture out to see what we could find for treasures. It was during one such outing that I developed a fondness for Swankyswigs.

Swanky what?

Swankyswigs were originally developed in the 30s as a incentive of sorts - companies like Kraft would fill cute little juice tumblers with their most popular products - jams, salad dressings, etc. Buy enough jam and presto - a new set of glassware.
Numerous companies would continue offering an array of cute little glasses featuring the likes of animals, cartoon characters, cowboys, flowers, bunnies, etc. through to the 70s when plastic packaging started to take-off. And though long out of production many of these cute little glasses remain and can easily be found at thrift stores and in mixed lot boxes at estate auctions.
Pink & Black 50s Swanky Swigs-Set of 3
My Mom and I both have collections of Swankies. While her collection is on display in her china cabinet, mine have been in storage for years, but after reading about them on another post, I'm tempted to pull them out and find a neat way to display and utilize them.
Cat and Bunny playing Vintage Child Juice Glass
My faves are definitely the pieces with animals, cowboys and boats. I scored a set of four glasses with blue and white sailboats a few years ago at my Great Grandma's estate sale. They're really cute and remind me of her - I remember using them when we were little and would go visit her.

So while I try to come up with a clever way to display my Swankyswig collection, I'll leave you with some favourite pieces that I found on Etsy -
Vintage Red Bucking Bronco Child's Drinking Glass
5  Red, White, Blue Glasses, Swanky Swigs, Tumblers, Anchor Hocking,
What did you collect as a kid? Was I the only one collecting vintage at 10 years old?

Happy Tuesday!

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