Thursday, 8 September 2011

"I absolutely loathe hydrangeas."

By now, chances are that you've seen about, read about, or heard about Madonna's loathing of hydrangeas. If you've been hiding under a rock, don't read celebrity rags, watch Access Hollywood or really care about the girl from Michigan who somehow developed a bad case of English Accentitis....then check out below -

And while I usually don't care about Madonna (with the exception of wondering how being married to Guy Richie a few years back suddenly had her speaking like a character in a BBC miniseries), I found myself wondering how one could develop a hatred of hydrangeas.

How could someone hate these beautiful flowers?
Maybe there's a story behind the whole loathing incident. Maybe she was sniffing a hydrangea in one of her English gardens and was stung by a bee? Perhaps an ex-lover used to send her bouquets of them (Dennis Rodman?) and it brings back too many painful memories (catching him dressing up in her Material Girl pink dress?). Maybe she only loves English roses, lovingly hand-picked by her gardeners (gag). Or maybe she has no taste and prefers plastic tulips... or perhaps it's just that she's never experienced hydrangeas such as the ones below -
Pretty nice, huh? I mean, really, how could you hate on these bad boys? They're like thee classic go-to flower. They look good regardless of what you do with them. Plus there's a gazillion colours, so surely one would think that she could find something that she liked.

Whatever her reasoning, I don't get it...

I'll keep digging around to see if I can find out the back story to her hatred (not really). In the meantime, direct all your future Madonna hydrangea bouquets my way...


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