Monday, 5 September 2011

Thrift Thursday (Long weekend edition).

I'm almost certain that the organizers of the Amazing Race Challenge that Mister & I participated in this past weekend knew that I love me a sweet, sweet bargain. When we opened our challenge booklet for our second day, I was ecstatic to learn that we had a challenge at a thrift store in Somerset, MB

Having never been to (let alone heard of) Somerset, I wasn't sure what to expect  but was excited none the less. When we found the store, I was pleasantly surprised to find an awesome mix of vintage and kitsch! So as my team worked as fast as they could to complete our official game challenge, I took on the challenge of working as fast as I could to pick-out which pieces I wanted to bring home with me! 

With only five minutes to spare I found some sweet pieces!

Check 'em out!
In less than five minutes I'd uncovered and purchased a year's worth of Martha, some amazing milk glass (that has suddenly become way too overpriced in the city) and the cutest tiered cake platter. Not bad huh?
I still can't get over the fact that I uncovered this sweet set of vases for $1.50! I've seen similar pieces go for over $25.00 each on Etsy and in some of the different vintage shops around the city. They'll look awesome on my dining room table filled with whatever greenery of cheap grocery store flowers I can find.
How often do I use tiered glass cake plates? Not that often. That said, this one was only a dollar, plus I'm digging it's funky gold tones. Perhaps the purchasing of it is just a sign that I need to be making more cakes....hmm.
I'd picked up some yellow Mums last week and threw them in one of the vases this evening. Simple but so much fun! I've got some fun ideas for how I'm going to use these vases during the holiday season (yes....holidays as is in Christmas...).
So how much damage did I do in five minutes? $4.50. That's it! With deals like that, how could I not bring these pieces home? 

Thank you small-town Manitoba!

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