Thursday, 1 September 2011

Way to go Joe.

I'm one of those silly people that strongly believes that September 1st means that summer is over and that fall is going to charging towards us at full speed. 

I give you permission to slap me if you want...

And though sad that the dog days of summer are winding down and that the leaves are starting to change colour, there is one part of fall that really excites me - new fall clothes! Well, okay that and all of the new TV shows that are going to stick around for only a couple of weeks, but that's another post for another blog.
Anyways, I'm in need of a few new pieces for work and have been eyeing up this season's assortment of Joe Fresh pieces. For those of you not in the know (I'm talking to YOU my international friends), Joe Fresh is an amazing private label line that we lucky Canucks get to buy at - wait for it - the grocery store. Developed by Joe Mimran (of Club Monaco fame) for Canadian chain Loblaws, Joe Fresh has brought style to the masses!
With a bulk of pieces being offered for under $30.00 CDN, I've got loads of options to help me create some spiffy office looks. Who wants to spend coin on work clothes when they don't have to?
These snazzy pieces at from the same place you buy bananas and chewing gum? You know it! I've yet to take an afternoon to wander through my local Joe in-store boutique to try everything from this season's collection, but I've got my eye on a number of pieces.

Check'em out - 

The basic v-neck sweater, perfect for layering available in a gazillion colours for - get this, $19.00.
A spiffy fitted check shirt to go under your new v-neck, $29.00.
For those cold days when your office is effing cold and no amount of playing with the thermostat while warm anything up - Joe's crewneck sweater for $39.00.
Though I bought a new peacoat last winter, I'm in love with this double button beauty for $99.00! Classic, but ever cool, I want it!
I'm a big fan of the Joe jeans and have a couple of pairs that I live in - especially their premium denim collection; super soft and they fit like a glove. Uber cheap at $39.00....but wait, they come on sale all the time!

And last but not least, I'm in love with Joe's cashmere pieces. They're still pricey at $99.00....but I found one last year on clearance for $19.00. Amazing quality at a fraction of the cost. Q-Tips, cinnamon buns and cashmere? Hmm...
Did I mention that this bad boy comes in 12 colours? I'll take all 12 please!

Too bad they don't make am I going to go grocery shopping without moseying on over to checkout what's new? Hmm....

What are your fall staples?


For my Yankee friends, Joe Fresh just announced that they're opening a store in NYC! Get out the plastic!

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