Thursday, 29 September 2011

It's the Great Pumpkin Dan Mitchell!

As much as I love summer, I think that I love fall even more. I'm a big fan of the colours, the smells, the tastes, the cooler weather and most of all, the pumpkins!

I've never been big on Halloween or carving pumpkins (I'm more a Christmas guy myself), but there's something fun about seeing the piles of pumpkins at the grocery stores and farmer's markets. To me, a big orange pumpkin basically says 'fall.' Well, that and the pies, grain dust from farmers trying to wrap up their harvests and the start of the new TV season...but it's mainly about the pumpkins.
Growing up my Mom used to grow loads of pumpkins, to the point where for a couple of years we'd be giving everyone we knew pumpkins. After a few years absence, my Mom once again had a pumpkin patch in her garden this year and it didn't disappoint. When I was working in Saskatchewan a few weeks ago I was close enough to home that I managed to spend a bit of time with my folks; it was then that my Mom suggested that I bring a couple of pumpkins back to the city with me.
I'd given my Mom a hand bringing the pumpkins from the garden and was well aware of how big they were. Without really giving it a second thought, I picked the two biggest 'big pumpkin' standards, they're not gigantic, but they were big enough that I had to throw seatbelts on them when driving back to the city.
They're hanging out in my pantry at the moment, but I've been trying to come up with a couple of cool ideas for how I'm going to display my pumpkins. Obviously, that included a trip online to see what I could stumble across. Here are some of my favourite ideas!
Perhaps I could throw some lights in them...
it's not really Halloween, but this looks awesome! Only the team at Martha Stewart would come up with something like this. That and this idea would give me an excuse to play with my drill...
Or, I could just skip the decorating and head straight to the fun part -
baking with pumpkin. Pumpkin cupcakes with pumpkin and cinnamon flavoured frosting? Yes please.
I'm actually really digging the carved pumpkins above. They're not a big fan of 'spooky' and 'scary' but I think that I could have some fun carving some goofy and fun faces in to my pumpkins. That and the pumpkins with the stars carved in look kinda fun.
Or, if I'm feeling really crafty, perhaps I could turn my pumpkins into dioramas, there's something so unexpected about this picture that you can't help but love it! Perhaps time to dig out my old plastic farm animals from when I was a kid? Cows and chickens? Maybe not...

That or I was thinking that maybe I could head on over to the village of Roland for the annual Pumpkin Fair that's coming up! I'll spare you the scary pictures that were taken of me dressed up as pumpkin (orange garbage bag and head piece with stem)...but surely someplace with world's largest pumpkin would have some inspiration. Hmm...I guess if anything I might be able to get my paws on a couple slices of pie! Or maybe they'll have pumpkin launching...

Stay tuned to see what I come up with! I've also got a couple of fun pumpkin recipes that I want to check out in the next couple of days and obviously I plan on sharing them with you!

How do you decorate for this time of year? Any crazy pumpkin launching stories to share!?!


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