Thursday, 1 September 2011

When can I move in?

The other night I was flipping through some back issues of House & Home before bed where I rediscovered one of my favourite apartments ever. I puts mine to shame. For reals. While I've done a lot to try to make my place look like more than the standard builder beige digs, I've got a long ways to go if I want it to look like this place -
Isn't this living room amazing? You may have seen shots of this apartment floating around online, or have seen the feature that H&H did on it a few years ago. The former apartment of design guy Michael Penney, former Style Editor of H&H (who recently announced that he's going to be working with Sarah Richardson....yes that Sarah Richardson), this home has so much going for it! It's definitely served as inspiration for my own place!
Then again, how many people end-up finding an apartment with this much character? They get built-in shelving, while I'm stuck with a faux wood laminate kitchen counter tops.... Anyways, I love how Michael and his wife Sara have chosen to showcase their collections. Why hide your china and crystal if you don't have to? Note to self - begin investing in china and crystal.

The couple was able to create a beautiful space using a mix of vintage and new pieces - investing where it counted the most in upholstered pieces that they were able to move to their first home (also featured in H&H).
Michael is a master when it comes to displaying small collections - I love the fireplace vignette! So simple, yet amazingly eye-catching! I'd love to find a mirror similar to his for above my own fireplace. I might even have access to a couple of paint-by-number prints of horses if I sweet talk my sister...
Winnipeg's new Ikea store hasn't opened yet, but when it does I know that their basic white chests of drawers will be flying out of the warehouse! As basic as they are, they look amazing when grouped - providing cheap storage. I've seen loads of designers use them in bedrooms, dining rooms and even family rooms.
White kitchen cabinets! Open shelves! A white oven! Wallpaper! All things that I dream about! Though extremely compact, this kitchen oozes style! I'd kill for the opportunity to showcase my stemware and funky bowls....someday!
While my own place lacks some of the character that this place has, there are loads of ideas that I plan on putting to work - like getting a piece of glass cut for the top of my nightstand, perhaps a can or two of paint for my bookcases, some blue paint for my living room....where to begin?! Hmm....

Time to make some lists!

You can check out Michael's musings & ideas here!


  1. lovely! I really like the blue they have used through out all the rooms, really pulls it together. I've been stalking your blog for awhile since you did a guest post over on LA's. Am enjoying it!

  2. Thanks Periwinkle! I've taped paint chips on my walls and have almost picked out a blue for my own living room! I love that you've been stalking me! Thanks!! :)



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