Friday, 8 July 2011

Thrift Thursday (I mean Friday).

A day late, but I have some amazing thrifting finds to share with you! After a week that saw a lot of randomness including hours of spreadsheets at work, a towed car, a storage shed that I can't get into, awkward conversations with coworkers and other fun, I figured that this afternoon I deserved a bit of thrifting fun.

In just under two hours I was able to hit-up six shops and half of the city. Though everything kind of looked picked over (which is usually the case around this time of the year), I snagged a couple of great find to share with you -

First up, two maize storage baskets from Goodwill. At $3.99 each I couldn't pass them up; they'll be perfect for DVDs, gym clothes or whatever else I find laying around the house. They're like the ultimate storage can never have enough!

The best part - the original tags were still in-tact! Complete with retail! I've been eyeing these baskets up at the Real Canadian Superstore for awhile now, but have been two cheap to pick any up...I like to buy stuff like this in quantity and had somehow previously convinced myself that I needed five or six of them....I'll settle for my two snagged at less than a quarter of original retail (insert evil laugh here)!

Next up, I've been on the hunt for some funky new prints for awhile now, and really haven't come across anything that's caught my eye - that is until today. I found the English riding print in a black plastic frame for $2.99, the gold frame for .25 and the scenery print & frame for $1.99. I haven't figured out if I'm going to paint the gold frame yet (black obviously....), but I'm thinking that I'm going to find a white or ivory matting to use with the print. Where either piece is going to hang has yet to be determined....eventually I'll figure it out. Oh yah, and I found a couple of galvanized tins for a dime each. They'll also probably end-up in my storage room until I figure out a use for them, but they were to cute to pass up (I feel sorry for stuff sometimes....and feel that it's my duty to bring it home and make it feel relevant).

And last but not least, not one, but two never used decanters! I'm still on a secret mission to outfit a vintage bar cart....a la any classic MGM movie. I've got more stemware than any boy will ever require in a lifetime (but nearly picked up a set of cobalt blue glasses this evening....), have gadgets and gizmos falling out of my bar cupboard, but still haven't found the right cart, and decent looking decanters up until this point.

These French made pieces were a steal at $1.99 each. They were a bit dusty and grimy when I first saw them, but I jumped at them (I saw another lady eyeing them up). A bit of scrubbing and soaking and they look amazing! Rum? Scotch? Brandy? Hmm.....

And though this evening was supposed to be my 'great thrift adventure' for the week, I've got two shops that I still hope to checkout this weekend (don't tell mister....he rolls his eyes anytime he sees something new).

Here's what I'm on the hunt for this summer -

-A couple more decanters (two isn't enough....I have a friend that has a collection and they look amazing when grouped together!)
-A large mirror to go over my fireplace....something with potential that I can either paint or silver leaf (regardless of the fact that I had a horrible experience the last time I tried to silver leaf a piece)
-A second nightstand / small chest that can could be re-purposed for the other side of the bed
-I've been considering options for a coffee table, at one point ruling out the idea in favour or Asian ceramic stools, but I haven't seen any on sale (that were nice looking....) and was thinking that a small table or desk cut down could look cool....hmm.
-Further trophy cups
-Neat looking vintage fabrics in reds, yellows, black & white or blue to make some toss cushions out of
-Random fun!

What are you on the hunt for this summer?!


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