Monday, 9 May 2011

Best. Idea. Ever.

Whenever I'm wandering around thrift stores, used furniture stores and auctions I tend to see a lot of really ugly brass furniture. You know, the stuff that everyone's Mom (except for mine) had in their living rooms throughout the 80s and early 90s. The type of stuff that would look right at home in an episode of (insert name of favourite 80s sitcom here).

And while a lot of pieces have a feel that's distinct to that era of decorating, occasionally I'll see a piece that has a classic shape, that if it wasn't nasty brass, would look fresh and very current. However, up until recently I'd written off these pieces as a) if I spray painted them they'd look cheap and 'thrifted' and b) having the pieces professionally plated in a snazzy chrome finish is way outta my price league.

However, I stumbled a blog posting that has me excited and reaching for my oven cleaner! Chris from styleNorth has figured out how to remove the nasty brass plated finish from great looking furniture and accessory pieces using, get this, oven cleaner, super fine steel wool and a paste rub polish that's usually reserved for car rims.
I'll let you check out the styleNorth blog for the details of how he transforms pieces, but it seems easy enough that even I can achieve success and end up with a stunning (and very on-trend) steel framed, glass topped coffee table that I normally wouldn't be able to afford. Or what about my coveted and long desired steel bar know the type. Think early 50s through early 60s MGM film, or old James Bond flick. Filled to the brim with crystal and colourful bottles. I'll even go so far as to picture Mister and myself entertaining friends and mixing signature cocktails while decked out in our best Sinatra style suits while someone places a ditty on our non-existent piano....(no more classic movies for Dan).

Dreamy isn't it? I don't know anybody who has a bar cart, nor do I know if I'd actually use a cart if one came into my possession, but the idea is tantalizing none the less.

Just think!  A couple hours of work (or multiple weekends if your name is Dan and you start projects but have trouble finishing them), and you could have an awesome find like this -
So that leaves me asking the question - if a dated brass coffee table destined for Goodwill can be transformed, what else is there available in the online swap and shops that's worth transforming?

Say something like this double bed?

Kijiji: Antique 3/4 size brass bed

Or this nifty little bar cart (right up my alley)?!

The possibilities and opportunities are endless! The only thing left to do is find an item worth refinishing. Well, that and figuring out how to tackle my project without getting stupidly high on Easy Off, but we'll worry about that when the time comes.



  1. saywhaaaaa! that's the smartest DIY ever!!! I hope you do one and show a B&A! great post :)

  2. i second that "saywhaaaaa?" i definitely want to try that - just think of all the brass lamps we could save!!



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