Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Let's runaway.

Have you ever had one of those days where you've been stuck in the office looking at emails that you really don't care to look at, dealing with problems that you really don't want to deal with and talking to people that you really don't want to talk to? Yes? Good! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

As it turns out, today is just such a day for me. For whatever reason or reasons I feel a bit off my game today. All I want to do is run away to the non-existent cottage that I've been dreaming about for ages. Seriously. How fun would it be to just jump in your car and drive out to your own little piece of heaven?

I don't know about you, but my idea of heaven usually includes cedar shakes, a covered porch with an old wicker couch covered in pillows and a fridge well stocked with some cold brewskies. And because it's my daydream, the fridge full of beer will be in a well appointed and ever so good looking kitchen, kind of like the one below.

What else does this dream cottage of Dan's include? Well, the biggest, sofest and coziest bed that you've ever seen. I don't rough it. I've never slept in a tent and have no plans to purchase a sleeping bag anytime soon. If I'm getting away from the world and really want to relax then I need a pillow-top mattress and high thread count sheets. That and big windows. I want to wakeup feeling the sun on my face...excited for a day of just kicking back.

This joint also needs to have a fireplace. If I look out my office window right now it's like 24 Celsius without a cloud in the sky. I on the other hand am wearing a sweater because the air conditioning in here is cranked. If we were to run away this afternoon, the fireplace wouldn't be used....but fun would it be to walk into a cozy cottage with a stone fireplace? That and during the winter it would make the living space feel extra cozy and intimate. I'm not big on the styling of the room below, but how sweet does that fireplace look?

This dream cottage also has a bathroom. That's a given. If I'm not going to sleep on the ground outside, do you really expect me to go the weekend without having a shower or using running water? My perfect cottage has a freestanding tub, an ol'skool pedestal sink and lots of charm. Say something like the below pic (being a daydream I can include whatever I want without having to worry about the whole "how the hell am I going to pay for all of this" component).

And last but not least. I need a view. Not just any view. I don't want to look at random trees. I want my own Hallmark cards moment. You know the type; where you're wandering through the greeting cards and come across one that gets you teary eyed. I want to feel that way when I step off my veranda and look straight ahead. Scenery so beautiful that I'm just left in awe. Say something like -

And though I'm stuck with four more hours of irrelevant paperwork, phone calls and emails I can randomly tune out and take myself to this place. It might be a dream right now....but it's one of those things that I want to make a reality...and it's the paperwork, phone calls and emails that feel irrelevant that are going to get me there. So for the time being, I grin and bear with it....knowing that that my little piece of heaven is somewhere out there....ready for me to love it with the time comes.

Now back to the grind,


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