Friday, 13 May 2011

How Swede it is.

I'm a decorating magazine junkie. I can't wait for the beginning of each month when my latest issues of Canadian House & Home and Style at Home and a slew of American decorating magazines arrive. And while these publications almost always provide me with endless ideas and inspiration, sometimes I find it fun to shake it up a bit with something a bit different. Say something with a bit more of an international feel. What am I rambling about you ask?

I've come across a number of great Australian, British and Spanish design magazines while venturing out and about. Hell, I wandered into Walmart in Puerto Vallarta this past March specifically to buy design magazines (and perhaps to see how cheap their Pacifico beer was...but that's another story). And while there are a number of great publications that I look forward to telling you about, I feel the need to share my latest discovery with you right away!

Okay, tell me that the above cover isn't just a bit inspiring. I stumbled across Sweden's very own Hus & Hem magazine yesterday and in the time since then have tried to figure out where a guy living in the middle of Canada, where the Swedish population is nil to none could pickup an actual copy to paw through.

I've loved the Scandinavian approach to decorating since receiving my first Ikea catalogue when I was a kid. The Swedes know how to do it right. They don't over think design - it's casual and clean, light and airy yet personal and cozy. Void of the stuffiness that you sometimes see in over-the-top North American decorating.

Alas, I've yet to hunt down a copy. I've called a couple of bookstores that I know that have international choices and so far no cigar. I'm going to do some digging to see if I can buy a subscription online, but until then I'll satisfy myself with the many, many pictures that I've fallen in love with.

Here's just a small sampling of my faves -


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