Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fresh ideas.

I love seeing fresh takes on classic decorating ideas. Case in point, for years people have been hanging plates on their kitchen and dining room walls. I've seen it all - from classic Blue Willow ware to the less classic (and generally scary looking) Bradford Collection plates (usually featuring gag worthy cutesy images) it's an idea, that love it or hate it, isn't going anywhere soon.

The good - 


The bad -


And the downright tacky -

I'm no exception to this idea. I've been collecting brown & white transferware for a while now and have been trying to figure out how I can display and showcase my pieces without making my place look like someone's great aunt's house.  While perusing the Steven & Chris show site I came across an idea that I think I might have to steal for my own place.  How's this for a new take on a traditional look - 


Steven and Chris have taken this idea to the next level by creating an interesting vignette by overlapping a interesting array of sizes in what creates a very free-flowing, yet put together look. As well as sizes, they've mixed patterns, prints and solids to give the arrangement a unique and distinctive look.


While chances are that I'll end up grouping my transferware in this fashion, these pictures do have me thinking about the plates that I brought back from Mexico that are sitting in storage and all of the interesting pieces that a guy can stumble across while out and about.  What to do!?


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