Thursday, 26 May 2011

Weekend project? I think so.

Oh the lowly shipping pallet. Designed to get goods from point A to point B and then cast aside faster than you can say the word pallet.

And while a bulk of these pieces are destined for the landfill after one or two uses, some of these pieces get a second life.
That's right, a few lucky pallets are given a purpose other than being tossed on top of college frat party bonfires...some of them end up as headboards. You read that right. Headboards.

While others end up as daybeds.

Intrigued yet? I know I am! While sourcing out images for 'How Crate it is' I came across a couple pictures of shipping crates that had been re-purposed and given fresh new lives as furniture and home accent pieces. This afternoon while trying to focus on a boring project at work, I kept thinking about these pallet projects. I even went as far walking out back to the warehouse at work to see what was available.

And while I haven't figured out what I'd like to create out of old shipping pallets, or how I'll get them home, I'm totally into the idea of giving some lucky pallets a new lease on life. If I could, I'd even go all out and try something nifty like the pallet accent wall (where can I find that buck?!?).

Wanna know the best part - warehouses and retailers have stack upon stack of pallets that they'd love to give to you. That's right. No coin out of your pocket! With a little elbow grease, perhaps some paint or stain, pulls or casters you can end up with a piece that's uniquely you!

Here are a few more of my favourite pallet creations -

And lastly, how sweet would this bad boy look in a retail space at Christmas? When the time comes and I'm in my own shop (a guy can dream) I'll be stealing this idea!

Let your imagination run wild!


All pallet project imagery -

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