Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thrift Thursday.

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted any of my thrifting finds with you and figured that it was about time to show you a couple of my most recent treasures! I've been pleasantly surprised over the past couple of weeks....apparently half of Winnipeg is cleaning their closets and cabinets, which means good finds for me! 

First up, I found this cute little paint-by-number at my neighbourhood Goodwill store for a couple of dollars. I have a soft spot for paint-by-numbers. I like knowing that someone spent time and energy trying to create a piece that they felt was worthy of hanging on their walls at home. It amuses me that you never see signatures on these pieces. Were the artists too embarrassed to put their John Hancock on them, or could they just not find the number and right paint colour?

My rental doesn't have a lot of charm and character so it's pieces like this that add that extra bit of spark. I've hung this guy in my kitchen for the time being and would love to find some similar pieces to create a grouping. The only question that I have left is whether or not I go ahead and paint the frame. What do you think?

While cleaning my storage room I came across this handcrafted juice pitcher that I came across a few years ago. After I purchased it I had a bit of buyer's remorse and wasn't really sure how I felt about it. At the time the yellow seemed a bit too bold for my space, so I tucked it away and forgot about it until now. I'm glad that I've uncovered it - it matches my PC Home cushions almost spot-on! I love it and can't wait to use it this summer!

Mister and I are headed up to my family's farm for the weekend and I'm hoping that we come across a couple of treasures during our adventure! Who knows what we'll find! Small towns always have the best treasures....maybe it's a good thing I have Mister to keep me from potentially coming home with an Alero filled to the brim with new finds.

What are you up to during this long weekend?


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