Thursday, 5 May 2011

Meet Gavin.

A while ago I introduced you to my love of sketching out furniture design concepts. It was fun letting you in on this love and figured that it was time to introduce you to another collection that I've come up with. Meet a little collection that I've nicknamed Gavin.

When I envision the pieces that are within this collection, I view them as both stand-alone pieces, and also as pieces that makeup a rather nifty grouping.  Composed of an armless one seater and one seater units with either left or right arm and a cushioned top ottoman, this collection has endless configuration options.  Create a three seat sofa, a sectional, a sofa with chaise extension, etc, etc.  Let's take a look at the different pieces and a few options -

It's one thing to have my chicken scratch drawings, but let's kick it up a notch and come up with a couple different finishing options for this grouping.  How about we start with the frame work -
I love, love, love the look of brushed chrome. And I think that it would be 
the perfect fit for the frames of any of the Gavin pieces.

Obviously, we can't leave the frames as they are - they'll need to be dressed with a sexy ebony faux rattan like the example above.  I like the look of a thicker weave, it adds some character and draws attention to the pieces.
And topped with plush seat and back cushions in fun colours, say something like 'Mist' from Sunbrella's 'Spectrum' series....or maybe -

48023 Spectrum Kiwi - Click Image to Close
'Kiwi' also from the same Sunbrella collection? 

Or how about a sexy yellow or burnt orange...maybe a bold white?!? Like configuration options, the upholstery options are endless!

Not too shabby huh? If it were possible, this collection would trump any of the bistro set contenders that I discussed the other day. Who wouldn't want to crash on one of these bad boys with a couple of brewskies on a long summer afternoon?  I know it's an opportunity that I wouldn't pass up!  A guy can dream.


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