Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Show it off.

It doesn't matter what you're into - be it books, trophy cups, art, dishes, candle sticks, shells, toy cars (okay, no toy cars) or vintage pottery, you can grow and develop your collections to add to warmth and character to your home. Besides, who really wants to live in a space that's generic and boring looking?


That said before you start going all collection crazy on me, showing off every single one of your Pez dispensers, I've got some tips and advice to share with you.

First off, when it comes to collections I like to display items in odd numbers. There's just something more meaningful about items when they're not in pairs. Odd numbers create a powerful statement that ad interest and character.

Grouping your collections by colour or tone can add to the sense of cohesiveness. Why not group all of your white pottery together? Or do like I did and mix and match a selection of thrift store frames unified with a couple coats of black paint.

When assessing your collections and deciding which of your pieces you'd like to display, consider the idea of displaying no more than three collections per room. I've read this idea in a few different books and it's a rule that I try to stick to. The last thing that you want is for your living room to start feeling like a boutique.


It's important to remember that collections are for loving and enjoying. So many individuals have things that they love and adore tucked away in closets and back cupboards. I say, "what are you waiting for?!?" Mix it up! Shake it up! Open those cupboard doors, dust that china off and enjoy! Sort through those stacks of old family photos and find new ways to honour your family and those that you care about.


Still not sure what you're doing? Look to catalogues and designer boutiques for inspiration. I love flipping through Pottery Barn catalogues to see how they showcase their accessories. They're always coming up with different and unique ideas - some of them a bit out of the box but worth a peek.

That said, consider switching up the pieces that you have on display from time to time. I like to keep my pieces fresh looking, plus by switching things up you create a sense of excitement for your guests.

ikea bookcase via jessicaclairesworld blogspot IKEA Bookcases   So Many Ways to Use Them!
And lastly, remember that your collections are what help make you YOU. It's all about showing off what defines you as an individual. That said, donating your collection of zebra print articles to charity. You don't want to scare your guests!


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