Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sustainable chic.

When surfing the net during my lunch break or after work, I'm always on the lookout for new items to draw inspiration from....and to add to my mental list of items that I'd like to have in my own home at some point (I should note that this mental list is now multiple pages and includes a freestanding bathtub, lucite dining chairs and a pool table).

I recently stumbled across a drool worthy line of sustainable home products out of Malibu that has me ready to grab for my Mastercard.  Living Simplistically was founded in 2009 by artisan Joshua Waldbaum who's mission was to create beautiful limited edition home products out of abandoned materials.  And boy has he succeeded!

Waldbaum's collection is composed of stunning accent pieces created from reclaimed driftwood, furniture from reclaimed hardwoods and other home products composed of natural materials.  I'm in love with this line - it's simplistic, yet refined; a definite mix of statement pieces that would look good in any home regardless of one's personal style.  That and I love the fact that it's upcycled!

Here are a few more of my fave pieces -

Obviously, I've fallen in love with the entire line and have added the works to my mental list.  The only questions left are a) do they take Mastercard and b) do they ship to Canada.

Neat huh?


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