Thursday, 21 April 2011

Around the house.

At some point I plan on giving you guys a snazzy photo tour of my humble abode - complete with before and after pictures.  However, that takes time and requires me to dust and vacuum each and every crevice of my place...which I really don't feel like doing right now (it's the weekend...can you blame a guy for wanting to be lazy?).

That said, I figured that I'd give you a sneak peek of sorts in showing you one of the favourite things in my place - the inside of my dinner and glassware cabinet.

You're probably thinking "he's nuts...on to the next blog."  But no, wait!  I promise you I'm not nuts....perhaps a bit eccentric, but not nuts.  Take a second to think about it though - I love entertaining, whether it be group of people or just one special guy.  Also, food and drink are two of my favourite things, so why not enjoy them with some nifty pieces.  That and I've got a small fetish when it comes to glassware and shiny things.  The cabinet might be full, but I'm still on the lookout for new pieces and sets to add to the mix....maybe a set of Mexican blue glass tumblers?  Or something in crystal?  Some beer glasses?  Hmmm....


Black wine glasses / shakers / martini glasses - Value Village (I know!)
White ware - Canadian Tire
Wine glasses - Liquidation World ('The Cellar' line....originally from Macy's)
Carafe - The Bay (Gluckstein Home....on clearance for $4.00!)
Shot glasses - The Bay (House & Home collection)
Italian coffee glasses / lowball glasses - Real Canadian Superstore 

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