Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Designed to inspire.

I love stumbling across good design unexpectedly.  Case in point, this afternoon I randomly came across this amazing mid-century revamp that still has me drooling.  I love the mishmash of classic meets modern...with a twist.  This home has a natural flow to it; it doesn't feel staged or overdone, which can tend to become the case when mixing and matching different design periods.  

The openness of this entry way screams warm and inviting....plus, I'm all over the usage of vintage maps.  Case in point, my own dining room (pictures to come).  The white paneling feels fresh and clean...very casual and to me basically says "welcome, come on in, take your shoes off, stay awhile."

The credenza above has given me hope that I too will randomly stumble across one at a garage sale this summer....how I'll get it home, I've yet to figure out.  A giant piece of furniture strapped to the roof of an Alero?!?  Hmm....Anyways, I love how this piece has been brought back to life with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.  The bar setup screams fun!  As it stands, all of my bar ware is currently hiding behind my kitchen cabinets and is crying out for some attention.  Some nifty custom art and BAM!  Impact.  A Dan project in the making?  I think so.

As we become friends and I start to post my own shots, you'll discover that I have an unwavering love for random knickknacks and small pieces.  This love has been with me since I was a kid and it's something I just can't shake.  I blame it on my Mom.  Give your kid a couple of bucks at a garage sale and what does he do?  He ends up purchasing random vintage glasses, globes, paperweights, rickety wooden picture frames and ceramic animals...The awesome thing about the above shot is that everything looks like it belongs.  Nothing really relates, but at the same time it has a cohesive feel.  I dig it.

I let out a bit of swooning sound when I first laid eyes on this powder room.  I have a secret love for old paint by number pictures, but haven't been brave enough to really a) indulge in purchasing them, or b) being brave enough to incorporate them into my rooms out of fear of receiving goofy looks from my guy. This shot has me feeling differently though, the mix of black frames with white matting and vintage pieces give this room a unique feel without dating it, or making it feel "too vintage."  

I'm also all over the idea of using darker colours and patterns (via wallpaper) in powder rooms.  I mean, why not?  Small space, not a huge commitment and a chance to do something a bit daring.  Speaking of which....I could totally see this tone in my own bathroom.  Yet another future Dan project?  We'll see.


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