Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dan likes.

I'm all over vintage chests of drawers at the moment.  Growing up, nearly every room in our house featured some sort of chest of drawers - each being used to store everything from the usual socks and t-shirts to fun things like wrapping paper, stationary and toys.  I remember when I was a kid my Mom had one in her office, and it was like a treasure trove each time you opened one of the drawers.  You'd go looking for wrapping paper or envelopes and would somehow end-up discovering one of your Christmas presents that she thought she'd hidden well enough (she still doesn't know that I knew to look there).

Right now I'm on the hunt for two smaller, hopefully matching units that I can use as nightstands in my place.  I snagged an amazing set of lamps this past winter for a song and they're looking for a permanent home.  As it stands, one's still living it up in his box.  The other is hanging out on a rickety half-moon stand that I've had since college.  Its been ages since I've come across anything thats caught my eye.  I know what I'm after, but it's one of those cases of not being able to find it until after you've settled for something else.  I'm hopeful that with the change in weather that a pair of slightly worn, much loved, full of character chests will somehow plant themselves before me.

I keep coming across great examples online that are exactly what I'm after.  Again, it will be a matter of trying to figure out how to strap them to the roof of the Alero, but I'll worry about that when the time comes...

I don't expect to find anything as amazing as this Union Jack Chest, but how cool would that piece look not only in my room, but in an entryway or living room?!?  Awesome right?  Classic style, what a hit of cool?  I think so!

The piece above is amazing!  I love the lower profile of this piece and would snap it up instantly.  It has an awesome classic style to it, and a bit of sex appeal with the curved legs.  The poor guy above needs a bit of lovin' but imagine what this piece could look like if given a makeover.  Say, a coat of robin's egg blue paint?  Maybe a quick sanding and a few coats of bee's wax?  A high gloss finish in black with updated hardware?  The potential is endless!


See?  What did I tell yah?  Amazing potential.  Okay, so the green or white porcelain knobs aren't exactly what I'm thinking of for my own project, but with a couple coats of paint and some elbow grease a piece once destined to end up in the dumpster has been given a new lease on life.  A couple coats of brick red and this piece would look uber cool in my books!

What about something with a bit of art deco flair?  I'm digging everything about this baby blue lacquered chest.  From the colour, to the bold front, to the sexy tassel pulls.  If only I could afford the $1535 price tag.  Somewhere, in the back of an old lady's dusty garage there's something similar that I'll be able to scoop up for $20.00.  Spring tag sales, come soon!


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