Sunday, 17 April 2011

Spring where are you!?!

This weekend saw snow in Winnipeg.  Should I really be surprised?  I guess not.  After all, this is Manitoba.  That said, I figured that I was finished with with boots, shovels and windshield scrapers.  We've had an early spring here and the random sleet / snow combo that came down Friday night was an unexpected, and unwanted surprise.  That said, I decided to make the most of the weather outside, but doing what I do best - window shopping at Superstore!

While wandering around after work on Friday I came across the new PC Home assortment of outdoor furniture for this coming season.  I'm a huge fan of the whole Joe Fresh / PC Home / Everyday Living mix of products.  Who'd of thought a couple of years ago that you'd be buying cashmere sweaters, Christmas decorations and trendy housewares from the same place where you're picking up bananas, Cheerios and toothpaste.

I went into the store looking for lunch ideas for the coming week, and came away with my toothpaste and bread, but also with a wishlist of cool, vibrant, vintage inspired pieces that would look awesome on my deck this coming season (once the snow has finally disappeared....).

Wanna know the best part?!  Everything that I've shown is available for under $30.00 a piece!  I can't wait to see how I can tie a couple of these pieces into my outdoor living space.  Toss in a couple of snazzy adirondacks?  Perhaps a bistro set?  Maybe some white paper lanterns and some cool planters?  Hmm....I think that I might be on to something.


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