Sunday, 17 April 2011

Kitchen Lovin'

So in addition to having countless business ideas and whims of redecorating people's spaces for a living (as mentioned before, being a hardware buyer just isn't cutting it), I've also got this goofy idea that at some point along the way - sooner rather than later, I'd love, I mean LOVE to redecorate an older home....on a shoestring budget (obviously)....besides, that's what makes everything more fun.

While stumbling around the net this evening, I came across this amazing kitchen redo on  From there, I ended up stumbling across the awesome blog of a couple named Dave & Joi who have done exactly what I'd love to do.  They've got some really fresh ideas and have an amazing sense of style.  Their Kitchen is just one of my favourite rooms in their home.  You must investigate the rest of their place via their blog Nuestra Vida Dulce -

I've seen the above kitchen a gazillion times.  Everyone's Grandma and her friends have the same 60's era cabinets, complete with built in cutting board, nasty laminate counters and strange cutout detailing in the sink false-front.

While a lot of individuals would have instantly written off these cabinets, this homeowner embraced them and brought them back to life.  New counter tops, multiple coats of paint, refreshed vinyl flooring, new hardware and appliances and BAM an amazing space!  I love everything about this room!  First off, how great does the cabinetry look?  The fresh coat of white paint and new hardware has revived these cabinets.  The addition of the island and random pops of colour only add to the space.  

Grandmas's ceiling fan has been replaced with a stylish new unit in brushed nickel.  Lastly - look how amazing the rustic table and Stark's Louis Ghost Chair look when combined with each other.  I'd love to work in this space.  Imagine spending an afternoon just puttering at the table, or spending the evening making cookies on that island?  Yes please!

The horizontal stripe adds to the modern feel of the room, and who'd of thought that a vintage sideboard could look so good smack dab in a kitchen?!  I love everything about this space!  9:30 on a Sunday evening....I wonder if there's anyone looking for a guy to start sanding their cabinetry and ripping out their old vinyl?  Hmm....


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