Monday, 18 April 2011

Crushing on Jayson.

If you're anything like me, you love stumbling across new retailers while wandering around online.  I love randomly and unexpectedly finding a shop, with new and undiscovered treasures.  Case in point - a couple of years ago, while tackling an import project for my previous employer a factory in Northern China of all places introduced me to what looks like the sexiest, classiest and dare I say it, dreamiest looking home and garden shop that Chicago has to offer.  Long story short, apparently Sophie or Annie or whatever her name was that introduced me to Jayson Home & Garden had sold them a couple containers of planters at one point.

Jayson Home & Garden
Since that time, I've been hooked on the company's website and would KILL (no seriously) to check out the store for myself.  I just have to convince mister that at some point we need to make a road trip to the windy city...if only just to look around and see what's in-store.

As an independent retailer, this shop dares to think outside of the box - and it shows!  Their online assortment of products is huge and I can't get over how amazing their website is.  Plus, I love how their purchasing team has gone out and found an amazing assortment of products that are unlike anything that I've seen at any of the other shops that I've discovered.

I love everything that's available online, but I'm crushing on a few pieces.  Here a few of my absolute faves - 

Unique pieces like the 'Tucker' reclaimed teak console table

A huge selection of custom upholstery including the 'Clinton' sofa...evidence of Bill not included (how comfy does this bad boy look?!?)


Loads of awesome lighting including this vintage pendant light

The afore mentioned planters (with or without plants!)

MODERN HERB BOX (delivery included) / $170.00

All sorts of nifty vintage pieces including this delicious piece of framed advertising 

And one-of-a-kind, completely out of my budget (and probably yours), but still leave you drooling and dreaming imported antique pieces like this stunning 19th century French island cabinet (it's on the top of my Christmas list....just in case you were wondering)

Until such time when I can convince mister that we need to need to head south with a U-Haul, I'll be content with their website at  PS.  my birthday was a couple of weeks ago....


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