Monday, 25 April 2011

Salvage Style.

Isn't it funny how the best finds suddenly appear when you least expect it?  Case in point, this evening I've slowly but surely been tackling some spring cleaning and realized that it was time to haul out a load of stuff to the dumpster.  Usually, this isn't a joyous or momentous occasion as I live in a newer building (well, late 70s) and have never seen anything interesting propped up ripe for the picking.  However tonight, I hit the jackpot (whoop!).  No seriously, if dumpster diving were a sport, I'd totally have gotten a gold medal.

So I go throw my bag in and it hits something and coming falling back at me.  Suddenly I spot a leg, then a couple more legs and before you know it I've come across not one, not two but four Duncan Fife dining chairs!

Aren't they amazing?!?  They're smaller, and the finish is a bit rough on a few of them, but they've got so much potential!  So many thoughts, questions and ideas are rolling through my head right now.  Do I strip them down and refinish them to their original splendor?  Do I paint them funky colours and replace my current parson chairs with them?  What should I do for fabric?  Stripes?  Ikat?  A bold print?!  Should I redo them and give them to my sister who's just starting out?  Or, do I stick these guys in storage and wait until I find my dream round dining table (it's out there somewhere...).

Hmmm......what do you think I should do?


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