Thursday, 14 April 2011

Shop talk.

It's a known fact amongst my friends that I also have a thing for retail.  It's what I know and love.  Though I work as a buyer for a hardware retailer (how that happened, I'm still trying to figure out), my dream is to be able to buy and sell beautiful pieces.  My ultimate goal as a young professional, is to harness all of my entrepreneurial spirit and energy, bringing it in to create a small at first, but successful venture of my own.  Hunting down air compressors and roofing felt is paying the bills and gaining me invaluable import & purchasing experience, but at the same time compressors don't give me the same sense of excitment that I feel when I'm looking through catalogues of garden furniture, planters, lighting and nifty decor pieces.

Though my own business ventures and dreams have yet to be realized, I'm continuously inspired by all of the creative and unique shops that I keep stumbling across online and in person.  Obviously Toronto is a much larger centre than Winnipeg, but I'm amazed by how many independent shops and boutiques there are.  Everytime I'm online I seem to find another 'must visit' shop to add to my mental list of places to visit wherever I have a change to runaway for the weekend.

Now that I'm somewhat up and rolling, why not take the time to share some of my shop finds....not only to keep inspiring myself that my goals are realistic and achievable, but also to inspire you to check out the amazing products being showcased.  No three piece furniture sets with matching lamps and bonus coffee tables for $999.97 to be found here....just solid examples of amazing shops with unique and creative pieces to help you make your home your own!

My most recent discovery is Love the Design an awesome shop in Toronto that's a hybrid of furniture, art, photography and custom stationery.  If my Mastercard would allow me to, I'd take one of everything.  Non?!

Beautiful limited edition prints like the ones above are what help set this shop apart.  Why would you even want to consider pieces from a big box guy when you could have something as unique as these gracing your dining room wall?

From the photography and rustic wood pieces to the amazing mix of modern classics and glassware, this shop has what looks like an amazing array of products suitable for all design types.

How great would these subway prints look above my bed, above my yet to be discovered credenza or in my living room?!  I love everything about them.  Who knew assorted words and place names could look so good?!

First stop upon touching down in T-Dot, Love the Design!  Check out their equally asweome website at


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