Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Who is Dan?

Let me introduce myself; my name is Dan and I've got a thing for interior design.  I'm the 20 somthing guy that you'll see in line at the grocery store who's tearing through the latest Canadian House & Home or Style At Home while waiting to pay for milk, bananas & razor blades.  I'm the guy that steals as many paint chips as he can from the hardware store just in case he should ever decide to repaint.  I'm the guy that wanders around furniture stores, thrift shops and tag sales on the weekend looking for my next 'must have' item.  I'm the guy that gets excited when he's wandering around and stumbles across something that's old and beat up that can be repurposed and refreshed.  I'm the guy that will walk into your house and will mentally rearrange all of your furniture, select new pieces where necessary and come up with a new colour palette....all before sitting down on your couch.
Am I designer by trade?  Not even close.  Do I wish I was?  Secretly.  I guess that's where this blog comes into play.  I'm continuously inspired by the world around me and want to share my finds and my passion for design.  Are some of my ideas nutty?  Perhaps.  Are some of my thoughts a bit out there?  Probably.  Will I leave you shaking your head from time to time?  Most likely.  But for me, that's what design is all about.  That's what makes it fun and personal.  For me, design's not about keeping up with the latest trends or having the most expensive pieces; it's about surrounding yourself with pieces that are you.  Pieces that make you happy and most importantly, pieces that make your home, wherever that is, feel like home.
So here we go...I'm not really sure where we'll endup, or what we'll see, solve or achieve along the way, but I can't wait to begin!


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