Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dan Dan the furniture man.

So in addition to having grand dreams of my own shop filled to the brim with amazing finds, I'd also love to produce a line of furniture.  Where, when and how this will happen are all yet to be figured out, but until that time comes a guy can dream.

I've always loved drawing and have been sketching out different designs for a few years now, and somehow along the way realized that I love creating outdoor pieces.  

I figured that from time to time it would be fun to showoff my love and also perhaps (teeny-tiny chance) attract the attention of someone in the industry who might (hint hint) want to get in touch with this guy.

So without further ado, I present to you a grouping that I've named The Hudson Collection -

An armless one-seater that can be used as a side chair, 
or used to extend the side of the sofa

Easily convert the two seat sofa into a sectional with this snazzy raised glass top corner table, or take a couple of the armless one-seater units, throw a couple of tables on their sides and BAM!

Is it an ottoman?  A padded coffee table?  Or a sofa / armchair add on to create an awesome chaise lounger?

The awesome two seater, or three or four or more seater with the addition of the armless one-seater.  Wide arms and comfy, thick cushions only add to this unit's appeal.

The two seater's best friend - the armed one seater; throw the ottoman unit along side and he's suddenly transformed into a chaise.

The ever essential console stand; complete with glass top.

And last but not least, a fun loving cocktail table ready for a party.

This might be some random chicken scratches, but they're the basis for a lot of dreams. Imagine this set with a polished chrome base, some on-trend dark thick weave faux-wicker finish and an array of brightly coloured cushions and even more interesting throw cushions? Huh, huh?!?  Sounds good right?


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