Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Click. Click. Snap.

Just a quick note to let you know that the next couple posts that I throw up are going to be a little bit different than originally intended. Actually scratch that last line. They're going to be a lot different than originally intended.

You see, this past weekend a hooligan (or perhaps hooligans) decided that it would be fun to rummage through my car - and then take my beloved camera...I'd had it stashed in my centre console, but apparently hooligans are not opposed to digging through receipts, McDonald's ketchup packets, things of dental floss, empty gum packages and the other randomness that makes its way into my car.

Obviously I'm miffed about loosing my camera, but what I'm more upset about is loosing some of the fun pictures that I didn't have a chance to upload into my computer and planned to share with you guys. That and the whole shelling out of coin for a replacement camera sucks (I don't think that my 60 year old Brownie will cut it)....
So while I'm on the hunt for a kick-ass camera at a bargain price (fingers and toes crossed that I stumble across something), I promise to keep you entertained with a variety of (generally) amusing and (generally) informative posts...I've got a stash of images that I've been waiting to use for awhile now. 

And when I'm back to clicking who knows what I'll have for you! I might have a tutorial or two, and possibly a couple of projects finished! Stranger things have happened.

Stay tuned!

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