Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dan plays fairy godfather. Part deux.

Do you remember last week when I picked up that cute little nightstand at Goodwill? It had a lot going for it, including it's awesome shape, the fact that it was the perfect height for beside my bed and it was a steal of a deal. However, it wasn't without it's shortcomings....it was dated and tired looking, had a scratched up finish, ugly hardware and had suffered from years of neglect. 

Well, two coats of alkyd primer, three coats of latex paint, two coats of furniture wax and some new hardware later I've ended up with a piece that looks showroom worthy! Well, maybe not showroom worthy....but it looks pretty damn good beside my bed!

Not too bad if I do say so myself! I'm really wishing that there had been a second stand, but when the time is right I'll come across a similar piece that will help add a symmetrical feel to the space.....plus give me someplace else to hide all my crap.

And because I've decided to share this piece with you, I figured that it would be fun to dress it up (that and it's a piece that deserves to be decked out)! I went digging through my storage closet and bookcases (who needs to go thrifting?) and pulled a few fun pieces and compliment the stand.

Above isn't the best of pictures, but I love the round fish bowl that I scored at Value Village a few years; for this piece, I teamed it with a dozen or so moss balls that I snagged from the dollar store for a couple of bucks. Teamed with a few of my favourite books and it makes a sweet vignette!

A few vintage pieces and my favourite water glass ever (found in a box at a country auction for a couple of dollars) complete the look.

I love it! But I'm not finished yet! I'm bound and determined to find another nightstand before fall hits....that and I'd love to finally really be a 'grownup' and invest in or create a headboard of some sort. Back to the drawing board I go!


Sources - 

Nightstand - Goodwill
Alkyd Primer - Rona
CIL Latex Paint - Canadian Tire
Hardware (by Belwith) - McDiarmid Lumber
Table Lamp (Canarm) - McDiarmid Lumber
Round Fish Bowl - Value Village
Moss Balls - Dollarama
Magic 8 Ball - Vintage
Water Glass - Vintage 
Frames - Dollarama
Books - Goodwill / Winners
Duvet (George) - Walmart
Linens (Gluckstein Home) - The Bay
Striped Cushion - President's Choice

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