Monday, 11 July 2011

Going Golden.

I have a bit of a secret to share with you. Nothing over the top, outlandish or awe inspiring - rather, it's that I've recently turned to reruns of The Golden Girls for decorating advice.

How did this all start you ask? Well, as luck would have it I stumbled across the first couple of seasons on clearance and ended up picking them up on a whim. Over the course of a couple weeks I've torn through 40+ episodes and have come to the conclusion that I want to incorporate one key set design component into my own place (you must think I'm crazy...but read on).

While I'm sure that some over sized rattan furniture, pastels, silk plants, Blanche's Ming vase, a bunch of copper cake pans, bad tablecloths and vinyl wallpaper would look great in my place (not in this lifetime), what I'm really pining for is a set of metal bamboo chairs similar to the ones that the girls had in their kitchen.

Exhibit A -
Aren't they fun? I know right?! Let's say that I cleared out my own dining room and found a vintage round pedestal table....something that I could paint black or white, toss in four chairs painted either white, or a really fun and fresh colour and presto! It would be just like being in Miami! Well maybe not, but still, you get the idea.

Like this pic below! See how fresh this looks? It's got a bit of glam, but at the same time, it's comfortable looking, not over the top and looks like someplace where you'd wanna hang out (and eat cheesecake).

However, it's been an impossible adventure trying to score a decent set of faux bamboo chairs - let alone one that I could use at my writing desk. I've kept my eyes on the lookout for these for years....I've searched garage sales, flea markets, tag sales, garage sales, auctions, second hand shops, pawn shops, Craigslist, Kijiji, et cetera, et cetera and no cigar!

Is there some sort of higher power trying to tell me that I haven't been chosen to have a set of bamboo chairs in my own home? Doubtful. Rather, my reasoning and thinking is that I just haven't been in the right place at the right time...they're the type of pieces that will leave the sales floor mere hours after going out on display.

Eventually I'll hit up the right store at the right time and strike it rich. And when I do, I have big plans for those bad boys! Perhaps even a couple coats of Granny Smith green...

But until such a day comes and I hit the mother load, I've found some awesome images to inspire me (that and I already have a gazillion other projects to tackle).

Oh yah, and if for some reason I never stumble across across a set of bamboo chairs, and if I still want to inject a bit of The Golden Girls charm into my place, I've discovered that Blanche's palm leaf / banana leaf wallpaper is still available. Hmm....(just kidding!)

Let me know if you stumble across a set!


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