Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just one thing.

During my final year of college, one of the first things that I did after unpacking my room was head on over to the nearest dollar store where I picked up a pile of bulletin boards - for the grand total of ten bucks. 

I like to pretend that I'm an organized guy, but when it comes down to it, I'm one of the most scattered individuals that you'll ever have the honour of knowing. My goal - to somehow use the boards to keep track of projects, assignments, papers and notes throughout the semester.

Epic fail.

Somehow the balance of my notes, assignments, term paper information, et cetera, et cetera, ended up in the bottom of my locker or at the bottom of my messanger bag, or on my dining room table...

Regardless of that epic fail, I kept the bulletin boards and have put them to use in my current residence. This time, no notes, no assignments, no class reading lists, just a lot of fun and inspiration.

Today, my bulletin boards hang along one wall in my room. I wake up each morning to pictures, postcards, sketches and doodles, post-its, quotes and other imagery that inspires me. I love rolling over on weekend mornings to see everything - sometimes I'll just lay in bed for an extra couple of minutes to just take everything in. 

I love switching up boards on a regular basis to keep myself inspired. I'm a very visual person and it's important that I surround myself with things that keep me thinking, dreaming, aspiring and looking ahead. As silly as it might sound, I'd kind of be lost without them.

So while they may not have served their original purpose, these boards have fulfilled an even bigger purpose! Who'd of thunk it? Not me!


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