Monday, 18 July 2011


This past week, a close friend of mine, the lovely Mrs. H phoned me up and asked me if I'd like to come over to give her a hand to hunt down some vintage frames to create a large grouping in her living room. You see, the lovely Mrs. H has only recently become Mrs. H and really wants to display some of her beautiful wedding photos.

So this past Friday, armed with our debit cards, loads of ideas and the hope that we'd find someplace with air conditioning, we hit up my favourite Value Village. We stumbled across a number of great pieces that will look great when unified by a couple coats of acrylic paint, her black & white prints and photo matting.

And while we didn't have a chance to figure out a layout for her wall (Mrs. H was too excited to paint her pieces) I know that they look great! It's amazing what one can do with a pile of cast-off pieces scooped up for a song.

I had the same idea as Mrs. H; a few years ago and came up with my own grouping...Winners and Value Village must have loved me (I'm not going to tell you how many frames I bought and still have in storage).

Here's a quick rundown of my own project -

What does one do when it's December and -30C outside? Scrounge up a bunch of scratch & dent and vintage frames.

December 2008
Cover every surface in plastic and paint above frames with multiple coats of Tremclad (left over from another project). Dan trick - prop the frames up with pencils to keep them from sticking to whatever plastic or cardboard you're using to cover surfaces.

Once my frames had dried, I reassembled and laid everything out on my living room floor, playing around until I found a look and layout that made me happy.

Next, I used painter's tape to map out where I wanted to place my grouping...this was pre-couch (actually pre-any furniture of signifigance in my living room), so my idea for this project was to create a grouping that would look great above my future couch.

A bit of trial and error later (we won't tell my landlord about all of the holes that I made...) I was relatively pleased with the outcome -

I'd share a decent end result photo with you...but I'm at work (on my lunch break of course) and can't find a good lookin' photo to share (I promise to throw one in here later on tonight). In the meantime, I've found some great photos online to help inspire you and the lovely Mrs. H! I can't wait to see her end results!

Colour, black and white or sephia? Which do you prefer?


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